Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Pretty Little Office

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I'm all about making mood boards when I'm dreaming up a new design project. My blogging/beauty room currently does not have a desk, and I really want to create a cozy place for me to sit and blog or edit my videos. I have put this picture together of pieces that I want to pick up for my new office space. Just looking at it makes me happy!

P.S. The desk is actually a dressing table; if any of you have this one do you mind telling me if it would work well as a desk? Is the height okay for a normal desk chair?

The case of the Diet Coke addict

When I was a little girl I wasn’t allowed to drink sodas. I was allowed one on Christmas and my birthday, and sometimes when I was very good, but for the most part I was told that they were unhealthy and not allowed. The problem? I adored coke. Being taboo made me love it even more, and it was always my go-to pick when I was allowed a treat. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that when I grew up and moved away to college an addiction started. But, being the calorie conscious Freshman that I was I didn’t just want Coke; I wanted Diet Coke. Diet Coke is what got me through college; late nights studying, through midterms, through finals week. I didn’t drink coffee; I hated the taste (my how times change). I wasn’t a fan of energy drinks, or even other sodas. I couldn't stand the taste of regular coke; it was way too sweet. I just liked Diet Coke. 

22 days ago I had my last sip. I know this because I have an app on my phone that tells me how many days I have been Diet Coke free. They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so I think I have "broken through". I have “given it up” over the years with varying levels of success, but I think this time I am letting it go, permanently. I’ve given it up for the following reasons:
  1. It had become my go-to drink. Thirsty? *Grabs Diet Coke* Exhausted? *Diet Coke* Craving something bubbly? *Diet Coke* Need something to drink to accompany a meal? *Diet Coke* I won’t sit here and make it into something it wasn’t; I wasn’t drinking 12 a day. At my peak I was drinking 3-4 cans a day, with 2 cans a day being standard. That’s a lot of chemicals going into my body.
  2. I strive for a healthy lifestyle. Diet Coke is the only “unhealthy” thing that I struggle with giving up. Anything else I can do. Fried foods? Sweets? Ice cream? All of those are easy. But it’s super hard to be healthy when you are downing two cans of chemicals a day.
  3. Aspartame is controversial, but has been linked with SO many diseases/issues that I don’t want it in my body anymore.
  4. Apparently something in Diet Coke turns into FORMALDEHYDE in your body?! What?!
  5. I started having little “blurry” moments where for a split second my brain would feel funny and slow, and after talking to a nutritionist she told me that it is common for Aspartame poisoning to do this. Yikes.
  6. To see if I can.
I went cold turkey. This might not work for you; some people need to wean themselves off, or let themselves indulge occasionally. For me, I knew it was all or nothing. I have done the “once a week” rule and the “weaning off slowly” rule and it hasn’t worked. I've even tried the "only allowed Diet Coke in absolute emergencies" rule... that was a disaster. 

I didn’t purge my house and throw every last can away. I woke up one morning, made my coffee, and thought, “I’m going to download a countdown app and see how long I can go without Diet Coke”. There were 3 cans in my fridge. There are still 3 cans in my fridge. I have tried to give them away to everyone who has visited and no one will take them. They are my little orphan cans.

I knew I was going to have to find an alternative, so I did, that first day. Meet my new best friend, the Sanpellegrino Aranciata. This little sparkling baby has become my Diet Coke substitute. It’s basically sparkling water and orange juice. It gives me a bubbly, sweet fix without all the bad stuff. The downside? It doesn’t have caffeine, but I have coffee for that now. It also has calories, as opposed to calorie-free Diet Coke, but I wasn't drinking Diet Coke for diet reasons; I was drinking it because I liked the taste. This has been quite a delicious find, and I’m convinced that it has kept me stay in line.

Things I didn’t think of until after I went cold turkey:
  1. What I would order to drink at fast food places. Restaurants are easy; I can always get iced tea or lemonade. But fast food places? I don’t go there often, but about 3 days in I ended up at a Subway… and panicked. And don’t even think of suggesting water; water does not cut it. I ended up finding a “fruit punch” option and drank that. So far I have not encountered one place where there hasn’t been at least one non-soda, non-water option.
  2. The Cravings. I mean, obviously I knew there would be cravings, but the weird part was when they would hit. I started noticing patterns, and I started to be able to “outsmart” them. For instance, I always crave Diet Coke when I am hot and outside. I also crave it when I eat sushi. Do Diet Coke and sushi go hand in hand? No (unless you are crazy) but for me, it starts the craving going. Once I figured out when the cravings would hit I was able to stave it off without going crazy. The next time I was going to a sushi place I went ahead and decided to order a glass of white wine in order to avoid the Diet Coke craving. "White wine and fish go well together", I told my brain.
Benefits to quitting Diet Soda that experts preach but might not be true:
  1. Promise: “You’ll feel so much better! More energetic! Healthier, even!” Fact: I feel the exact same, except with occasional Diet Coke cravings. I don’t feel better. I don’t feel more energetic. I feel the same.
  2. Promise: “Diet Soda makes you gain weight! There are studies proving that your brain gets tricked and you end up gaining weight!” Fact: I’m the exact same weight. I eat the exact same things. Nothing has changed except liquids.
  3. Promise: "You won't be as hungry! Diet Coke makes you crave bad things!" Fact: I am just as hungry or not hungry as before. I have no less cravings for chocolate or other "bad things". 
Overall, am I happy that I quit sodas? Yes. The funny thing is I am convinced that my little iphone app has kept this detox going. Every time I think about cheating a little voice comes in my head and says, “but what about the iphone app? It’s so cute! It would be a lie! A LIE!” It's called "Big Day Lite" (it's free) if you were wondering. I added a picture of me holding a fruity alcoholic beverage in Cabo as the app background to remind me that there are other delicious things out there that don't involve Diet Coke. 

And oh lord, don’t ever offer me water when I want a Diet Coke. Water DOES NOT CUT IT. Water is fine under normal situations, like if I am thirsty, but I don’t want anything to do with water when I want Diet Coke. The only thing that can help quench the craving is another flavored (bubbly) drink. *Mumbles to myself* Psh, non-Diet Coke addicts...

If you have any tips, suggestion, or questions, leave me a comment below! :)

What is “i heart you coffee”?

If you follow me on my other blog, Dreaming in Blush, then you might be thinking “another blog?!” Well, let me explain…

My first love is beauty. That passion kicked off my YouTube channel, AllThatGlitters21, and has stayed an absolute constant through my 5 years of vlogging and blogging. Dreaming in Blush is all about beauty, with the plans to eventually expand into Fashion too. But you see, I have other obsessions as well. If you follow my second channel then you might know some…

Pinecone and beauty products... two of my favorite things.
Organization. Décor. Books. Pinecone.

I could combine all of this into one blog; in fact, most bloggers only have one blog, one main space for everything that they want to write about. It keeps things consistent for readers as well, since they don’t have to subscribe to bookmark more than one website. I can see the appeal. However, I have decided to make mine separate (obviously). The reason for this is that I follow a bunch of blogs, and I find that some of them are too broad and if I am looking for one type of post, like organization, they are buried under so many other types of posts that I end up getting frustrated and start following other, more curated, blogs instead.

Sometimes I am in the mood to read beauty and fashion blogs. The design of Dreaming in Blush is my idea of the perfect site for this type of mood (keep in mind that everyone is different, this is just my idea of perfect). When I want to learn about new products or get inspired by fashion I want a soft, dreamy, pretty blog to read. On the flip side, when I want to be inspired to clean my apartment, organize something, or to be more productive overall, I like to visit bright and happy blogs.

And so, the time has come to introduce you to i heart you coffee. You guys know of my love for coffee, and this blog is going to be the place I come to inspire and be inspired. It will have organizational tips, home décor, book reviews, healthy lifestyle tips, recipes, and stuff about kitties (like Pinecone). I also hope that it will be a place that I can document the changes happening in my new condo; as I organize and decorate little pieces of it I want to share that on here. Grab a cup of coffee, and I hope you stay awhile!

<3 Elle