Sunday, July 14, 2013

the beach in pictures

1. The view from our beach house.
2. This is what happens to a tree when it's been battered by countless hurricanes over the years. Notice the swamp underneath that our pet 'gater leaves in. And lots of snakes, according to my mom.
3. Ivy that has started growing up the side of the wall. I think ivy is beautiful. 
4. A shower scrub that I have been loving! Look for a review of this soon over on Dreaming in Blush.
5. My youngest sister buried herself up to the neck in sand. Don't worry - there were about 10 adults keeping an eye on her as she was doing this. 
6. My "beach hair". Otherwise known as my "I didn't even brush it" hairstyle.
7. Some pretty wild plants that grow near the ocean. 
8. Some yummy watermelon makes the perfect beach snack! When you get sticky you can just rinse off in the ocean :)
9. My youngest sister and cousin showing off their "headband curls" which I did for all 3 of us last night. They turned out quite cute, but were all 3 due a hair wash this morning, so we didn't get to truly enjoy them. I think we should try them again tonight!

Pictures taken with either my Canon Rebel T5i or my iPhone. 


  1. That shower scrub looks so amazing, I feel like I want to reach out and touch it haha!

    (Your curly hair is gorgeous <3)

    Catching Stars

  2. Love all teh shots elle you re amazing and i love jelly bean she s the cutest little thing :)

  3. Definitely do the curls again and show them to us! Your pictures make me want to go to the beach sooooon (:


  4. It looks pretty amazing! I hope you have a wonderful time and relax!

  5. Your beach hair... so jealous I don't even have words

  6. Cute pictures, I hope your having fun!

  7. Lovely post and your sister is so cute!! She looks a lot like you!

  8. gorgeous pictures. love <3 and miss the beach! And please show us the results of the headband curls on your other blog! would love to see that? Did you guys put any product in, or just used the natural beach textured hair?

  9. I love the way you look/see the world Elle .. very inspiring and reminds me to stop once in a while to appreciate the small things in life ♥

  10. the last pic hairstyle always reminds me of ingrid missglamorazzi :D

  11. Love these kind of posts, and I'm sure they are super easy for you to make as well! :)

  12. I must try the headband curl trick sometime! :3

    I also have a giveaway running on my blog at the moment. :3 Just for anyone who is interested.

  13. Love the photos! The view from your beach house is gorgeous, Elle!

  14. Hey Elle, I wanted to say that I love that you put so much effort into your blogs, I really enjoy visiting both I Heart You Coffee and Dreaming in Blush, a lot.
    Also, the pictures in this post are gorgeous.