Monday, August 19, 2013

Ins and Outs #2

My @iheartyoucoffee twitter account was suspended. Coffee is making me nauseous. What is my life?



Katrina, my friend (from ToneItUp on YouTube), is getting married this weekend! Which reminds me, I still need to pick up my dress. It's going to be a gorgeous weekend of friends, marriage, and wine. I can't wait!

Scary Movies. Not watching them, mind you, just the idea of them. I have been "craving" watching a horror movie for a few nights but have thoroughly chickened out before actually renting one... probably because I know I will have nightmares for weeks. But there is something in my head that has been saying, "You want an adrenaline rush from a SCARY MOVIE!!" And then I bop around online looking up reviews and find a good one and then I chicken out. Story of the past couple nights. 

Speaking of, last night I completely spooked myself through thinking Pinecone was my old cat Mr. Furball re-encarnated (they were/are both pure white, you see). I decided to call Furball the way I used to in a sing-song voice (Furball was notorious for coming every single time I called him - like a faithful dog) to see if Pinecone would respond (Pinecone is deaf - how on earth was he going to hear my call anyway?!), and I honestly got so scared at my own sing-song "Furball" calling song that I refused to look into mirrors the rest of the night. Just TRY beating that story with your own superstitions. 

Face Masks: I have so many on my "to-try" shelf and so many more on rotation that I feel like the "Face Mask Hoarder". But, I'll admit, my skin has never looked better. In this case less has not been more. 

Chinese Food: I have been craving Chinese food more than is ever acceptable. Orange chicken and fried rice in particular. Not exactly the best recipe for health but mmm it's delicious!

My Alex 9-Drawer thingy from Ikea: I have not figured out how to fit my makeup in this yet but I like it. I had to move my vanity out of my office room and into my bedroom since it was so big and my office a bit small, so this Alex drawer became my new storage idea. Except it's still empty. All with due time... when it's done and pretty I'll do a new video on it.


My Twitter being suspended. Now, granted, I had only sent out 10 tweets on that account (1 for each post on here) but still. It's the principle. I've appealed it, but who knows what's going to happen to it. Let's just say if that happened to my @ellefowler account my life would be in shambles until it was fixed. 

Coffee. What?! I know. Just today, mind you. Not everyday. I just had it yesterday morning and it was very nice. But sometimes, like 1% of the time, I will wake up and the thought of coffee will literally make me nauseous  And then I get sad because I LOVE coffee, and I love the ritual of it, so I will sit there being grumpy while eating my breakfast minus coffee. 

My guest bathroom. I don't like it. It doesn't have a vent like the rest of the apartment so it's always hot and weird in there. Ugh. I feel like carving a hole in the ceiling and DIY-ing my own "vent" but something tells me that would be a very bad idea. 

My coffee table. It's still not here! When I ordered it, it said "shipping August 3rd" and when it didn't show I called them and they said, "Oh, now it won't be available until the 24th". What? Why? Where is it? It is normal to tack on an additional TWENTY ONE DAYS to an order? Everything else has arrived already, BTW. 

Ahh, good. I have more Ins than Outs this time. That's nice. Feel free to write me yours below in a comment; I like reading these :)

P.S. Click here to read my last set of Ins and Outs. 


  1. Hi Elle,

    You should have a look at (they ship internationally). They have similar bath bombs/bubble bars to Lush, and are cheaper! Though with shipping costs I'm not too sure. They also have soaps in the shapes of cupcakes which are so cute. I thought of you when I opened my package of them all last night! I also did a small blog post on them if you (or anybody reading this) wants to check it out!

    I just realised it sounds like I'm promoting them but I'm just excited over how cute they are and want to share!

  2. You got your coffee table from West Elm, correct? I hope so or else this whole thing will look a bit crazy... Anywho, I ordered a day bed from West Elm in April, with a ship date of end of June. Then, I got an email saying it had been pushed back until August 28th. Okay, it was super annoying, but honestly, I was going to be out of town for most of the summer so it's not like I, or a guest, would be using it. Come the end of July I got an email from them saying it was now expected to ship around Halloween, but there was still a chance it could be later than that for various other reasons. Basically, I got the message that they were telling me Halloween, but it would probably be later than that and they were trying to cover themselves. The fact that the email included a notation that I could cancel my current order and place a new order while receiving 20% off one item for the inconvenience didn't help me feel confident that the daybed would ever get here. I already had two guests planned to visit before Halloween and I was starting to worry they would have no place to sleep, so I unfortunately canceled my order for the daybed that I loved but didn't trust would ever actually be delivered to me. I never found anything else on their website I liked as much, and the 20% off offer expired August 1st. Needless to say, I don't think I will be shopping at West Elm again any time soon. I understand that problems can arise in production, etc., but telling a customer that the order they placed in April will take over 6 months, maybe more, to be delivered is just not acceptable. Good luck with your coffee table - I hope nothing like this happens to your order! PS: if you didn't order your table from West Elm, I officially feel very stupid, but I still wish you luck in receiving your furniture :]

    1. I wouldn't feel stupid, it lets everyone know not to shop West Elm.

    2. It WAS West Elm, and that makes me very nervous about the coffee table...

      I mean, I love the coffee table, but not THAT much... at that point I'd rather just order something else. If it doesn't ship around the 24th I might call and cancel - 6 months would annoy me so much.

      Thank you for your story!! :)

  3. That's terrible about your coffee table, but fantastic about having more ins than outs. I too am going through a major facemask obsession and just got a TON of samples of them from Sephora.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  4. I've been trying to use up my face masks too. I have more than anyone would ever need lol.

  5. my ins:
    -blogging about my illustrations again( im always unhappy with the look of it until now:))
    -following through with making videos about my drawings YAY
    -and Obsessed with weimerainer puppies
    my outs:
    - coffee i get bad heart burn :/
    - milk my stomach isnt agreeing with it anymore
    - tahin (mexican chilli powder) something about it has me running for the toilet:-(

  6. The thought of a scary movie is so much better than an actual scary movie when you live alone, trust me! x

  7. Ins- Fall! I'm so ready for it! Sweaters and spice........ I'm making a Harry Potter pumpkin with my 4 year old this year (we've been reading the books!) and I utterly can't wait. I've forced myself to wait until next week to start decorating the house all Fall and festive though.

    Running- I'm training for my 1st 5k in Nov. and I'm up to 1 1/2 miles and start 1 3/4 miles on Wed. **Hopefully** I'll be ready to run the entire thing by November. Plus the hubby is doing it with me! Yay for cute photos in our cute t-shirts!

    French- Me and my 3 boys are learning French together. We're making slow progress but it's fun to do together!

    Outs- Waiting. It feels like I'm waiting on EVERYTHING lately and everything is taking 10x longer than it should!

    Junk food- trying to cut down/out and it's hard!

    {{{BIG Hugs}}} Hope you have a great day Elle!!!

  8. Do you think maybe a little dehumidifier in the guest bath would help?

  9. I sometimes think my niece is my dog reincarnated... Then I find myself calling her by my dog's name and people look at me like I'm crazy

  10. INS:

    Weight Watchers. Down 40! YAY!



    Beauty Products.

    Finishing Projects.

    Make-up and beauty products organization.


    Impolite people.

    The mess in my house from projects.

    The mess in my yard from a 'simple' redo of our storage building.

    Bullfrog Sunscreen.

    August heat in Texas.

    Impolite people. (This merits a second mention.)

    I'm 6-6. That's OK by me.

  11. Hi Elle!


    Friends. My friends and I have been seeing each other pretty much every single day before school started. We go swimming and talk and basically what friends do.

    Photo Collages. I have decided to decorate one of my walls in my room with a bunch of photos. It reminds me of the fun memories that I have had with my friends and family.

    Canada. I went to Canada this summer and it was super fun! All of the food was so delicious and I just love to travel to places.


    School. I am excited to see my friends everyday, but I am just not excited for AP Euro. It will be a hard class but hopefully I can push myself through this!

    P.S. Thank you for getting me addicted to the Pure Seduction scent from Victoria secret. It has been my addiction! I were it pretty much every single day!!

  12. Ins:

    Trying new skin care, I have been breaking out lately and trying new samples to see what helps the most.

    Face Masks, I have six, and they each do a little something different and I want more. Is that bad?

    Home Goods, I'm obsessed and not in good way seeing as all my paycheck goes there.

    Fall, I want it to be fall already. I love they chilly days and possibility of rain.


    My pores, I feel like no matter what I use they won't get smaller.

    My oily face, same problem as my pores I just feel like no matter what mattifier I use it doesn't help!

    Hot days, I'm so over them!!!

  13. I've been watching loads of horrors recently- I def recommend The Conjuring if you're looking for something scary. I posted my favourites for the week on my lifestyle blog! Really like these Ins & Outs posts xo

  14. In: I have been loving cereal recently, weird huh? but yep! I made my own granola last week: and it tastes so yummy!
    Out: My summer is nearly coming to an end :(


  15. In:

    Craving Chinese food too!

    Scandal season 1 and 2 marathon. Preparing to watch 3rd.

    Pumpkin Spice Latte is back.

    Fall is almost here.


    Annoying people.

    Can't find a good full coverage foundation for oily skin that I love.

    Can't find a great fave primer either. :(

  16. Try watching "Fear Island" with Lucy Hale and Haylie Duff!!:) also..
    Out: wanting to have a dinner and movie girls date with your best friend and being to young for the movie (50 Shades) which BTW if you go and watch it in theaters can you vlog it?!