Monday, August 26, 2013

Ins and Outs #3


Brian and Katrina's wedding. It was honestly the most beautiful and romantic wedding I have ever seen (even in movies), and has raised the standards in my mind of what the perfect wedding should be like. It was small and filled with their closest friends and family, and we were whisked away to a fairytale, complete with zebras and camels. I'm not even joking on that last part. Real ones. 

Here is a picture from the wedding, right as they were about to cut into the cake. (Yes, that's me and my friend Renee in the pink dresses under the umbrella). Katrina and Brian are perfect. (I asked her permission to post this picture :)

Working out: I haven't started working out again regularly yet, but I've decided I need to. And I will. I'm extremely motivated when I want to be. 

Friendship: I made a toast at the wedding with a friend I hadn't seen in ages to make our friendship more of a priority. Friendships can get away from you sometimes, especially when you are both so busy, and it's so important to make time for all of the important people in your life. 

My coffee table finally arrived! I'll do a post this week hopefully on that.

Healthy eating: I have started eating clean again. September will be the month of the health kick - working out and clean eating, here I come! (Plus, I gotta get back in shape for Halloween!!)


Poor Pinecone. I've been traveling so much lately between our Macy's tour and other work things that Pinecone has been so clingy. I don't blame him, but he doesn't want me out of his sight and it makes me really sad to have to leave him in the morning. Which leads to...

6am car service: Yeah. It's midnight and a car is coming at 6am to pick up Blair and I to take us to the airport. We are going to Cincinnati for 2 days for a work thing. Excited about the event, not excited about the 6am call time. 

The Chinese orange chicken cravings have finally run their course. I'm not craving it anymore, which is a good thing. It was a weird thing to crave constantly. And not having these cravings will make my September health kick even easier.

Okay, I need to go pack now. More Ins than Outs again makes for a happy Elle!


  1. The wedding looked amazing! Can't wait to see your decor posts with the new table!


  2. Aw I hope Pinecone has someone to keep him company while your away. :( Maybe you should get him another kitty to keep him company :)

  3. I hope your health kick means some new Glit Fits going our way. They would be much appreciated. :)
    And the wedding photo looks absolutely stunning.

  4. Beautiful picture!
    How is the maximum time you can leave Pinecone alone at home?
    Have a great week!

  5. That picture is beautiful. It looks like the cake is about to fall though. Please tell me that's just the angle of the shot and it didn't actually fall just after the pic. That would be a shame :( x

  6. I've been helping my best friend plan her wedding, so that photo gives me all of the joyful tingles. What a beautiful wedding.

  7. Her dress is so beautiful whos it from?

  8. Aww I love Katrina and she looks amazing :) Glad you had fun :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute

  9. You need to get more sleep Elle ;) Beautiful picture from the wedding! I would love some videos on your event looks and when you are going to parties. Clothe and makeup :)


  10. I really enjoy these posts, my main 'in' right now would definitely be listening to NSync on repeat after their appearance at the VMA's...

  11. I just went to a wedding this month as well. Isn't it crazy (& a little bit scary) how a beautiful wedding will leave you in the "I wanna get married/My wedding will be…" mood, even though you had no thoughts of it beforehand?! That picture looks like it was quite the magical wedding!

    Kari |

  12. I love these posts. I understand a clingy pinecone being a pain. I adore that wedding though.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  13. What are you girls coming to Cincinnati for? That's where I'm from!

  14. I love tone it up and Katrina is gorgeous! I love that picture!!!
    Modern Beauty Girl

  15. I'm so happy for you Elle! come back to the healthy side! :)

  16. That looks like such a beautiful wedding! Please come check out my blog.

  17. beautiful picture to capture the moment!

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  19. Beautiful picture, looks like a true fairytale wedding! xx

  20. Beautiful wedding pic!

  21. I would adore camels and zebras at my wedding someday haha (10 years from now)! I love animals, sometimes a little too much! Sounds like a fairy-tale! Cant wait to see more posts from you, I love your blog!

  22. Beautiful photo!

    The wedding looked lovely c: So very important to *be there* in peoples lives and take every opportunity we get to experience the moments we have <3

    Working out... Ugh. #menolikey lol I DO love yoga, swimming and Tai Chi tho. Lucky you have all those ammenities at your condo, no excuse not to get your workout on hahaha!

    Food cravings >_< I get them too and they're terrible! I've been craving Terryaki beef and broccoli for weeks now and am putting off Chinese food bc it kills my digestion. So yummy tho. Why does God do this to us?! lmao

    Keep up the In's and Out's. We love them :)

    p.s would love if you checked out my blog, it's partly inspired by you!

  23. Beautiful post
    please check this blog out its everything about weddings in LA