Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ins and Outs #4 and Update

Well, hello there! It sure has been awhile since I have posted on here, hasn't it? It's currently midnight on a Friday night, and I just got home from a very long day (um... make that a long week), so I thought I'd decompress by writing a bit. I enjoy writing Ins and Outs, and I know you guys enjoy them as well, so this is a good place to start. 


Heathy Eating: I got a bit sidetracked this summer with eating out more than I should have been, but that has been corrected now. I feel better when I eat clean - everything tastes better and I have more energy. I have been eating as "close to earth" as possible by eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and of course, my all natural Greek Yogurt (possibly my all time favorite food). I've also been cutting out bready carbs (breads, crackers, pasta, rice, etc), but I still have them with one meal a day. I love carbs, so cutting them out completely would be really tough. To compromise, I normally have a carb-free breakfast and dinner, but have some for lunch. Today I had a slice of rye toast with a sliced tomato on top (and an avocado on the side - I'm obsessed with avocados), and man... it was delicious. But if I know I'm having sushi for dinner, or some sort of rice or pasta, then I make sure my lunch is carb-free. This "bready carbs at only one meal a day" trick was suggested by a nutritionist friend, and it's been working wonderfully for me. I've also cut back almost completely on refined sugar. No ice cream, cookies, cake, or anything like that. My sweet cravings are more than satisfied with a bit of dark chocolate along with my evening tea. 

Pair that with...

Working Out: Yup. Back in my "Ins and Outs #3" I wrote that I wanted to start working out again regularly, and I made it happen. Again, this is a habit that never should have stopped, but sometimes life gets in the way and you get sidetracked. That happened this summer and early fall with all of the traveling Blair and I were doing, and before I realized it I was out of the habit! But have no fear, I have gotten back into the swing of things.

American Horror Story: I think "obsessed" is too gentle a word to explain my passion for this show. I think it's fantastic. I have enjoyed every season, and I think they have hit the jackpot with their slew of actors. My favorite character this season is Fiona - she rules every scene she is in. I wish there was more Tate, er, Kyle. And I wish he wasn't a non-talking weirdo. Oh, and my favorite line is when Kathy Bates straight up HISSED "LIIIIIIIIIES". Had me hollering. 

Also, can we just discuss the insanity of this picture? I love it. It's so freaking weird. Keep it classy, witches. No one will suspect anything...

If I was a witch I would totally have that umbrella. It's the perfect "I'm queen witch bitch" umbrella.  And it's totally on the DL. And on this note, if you watch American Horror Story then you need to read Price Peterson's recaps after. I found him sometime during the last season, and his recaps are sometimes more entertaining than the episode itself. Like legit laugh out loud funny because he humor is spot on. Then he quit recapping and I was sad and now he's back YAY!

I also like Hart of Dixie. And Vampire Diaries. But I digress.

My will of steel when it comes to not giving into Diet Coke. According to my "countdown app"  I have been Diet Coke free for 163 days. That's over 5 months, and during that time I have only had one diet coke. One. And in my defense, it wasn't really my fault. It was the morning after a party, and after a few too many margaritas I was feeling a bit under the weather. I had stayed the night with my best friend from college, so naturally I reverted to my college ways with her. College Elle knew that the only thing to cure a nasty hangover was Diet Coke. So yeah, into my body that Diet Coke went, and man did I feel better afterwards. But, weirdly enough, it didn't taste super good. It tasted kinda syrupy? Not absolutely terrible, and trust me, I drank every drop, but I haven't had any cravings since. So yes... over 5 months with only 1 slip. Go me. 

This picture. I mean, honestly. Jessica Lange makes this show. What was this scene? It had no point at all, except that it was awesome. 

Knitting. I know. I am 80 years old. But hey, I've always wanted to learn. I'm a "yarn hearter" (I'm pretty sure I made that term up, based on a silly coffee mug I purchased from Etsy once, that had a picture of a sheep with the words "I <3 Yarn" on it.) I remember getting the giggles over how silly it was, and decided I had to have it. We should start #ProjectYarnHearter. If any of you want to learn to knit or crochet too, tweet me pictures with that hashtag. It will be fun. We can make pies together. Oh wait... next favorite.

The Mug.

Baking. Call it the month of many hobbies. I have picked up quite a few new ones this month... the holiday season tends to do that to me. It just makes me crazy! But when I say baking I don't mean cookies or cakes. Ohhh no. I've been experimenting with healthier options. 


My insomnia. My sleep had been so good for the past few months, but in the last few weeks it has gotten really bad again. You would think that treating my body better (eating cleaner and working out) would cause my sleep to get better, or at the very least stay the same, but it seems to be getting worse the more "healthy" I am being! I don't even workout before bed! I swear!


I legit took a break in the middle of writing this to bake some granola and dance around my kitchen. Okay I'm back.


Pinecone the helper-bug-wannbe sitting on my freshly washed about-to-be-used cookie tray. He sat there, watched me hand wash it, and then promptly sat on it as my back was turned. So I rewashed it (naturally) and then made my stuff. And then Pinecone ate said stuff. 

My name is Pah-Sghettio and I eat granola. 

I don't think I have any other Outs. I'm pretty happy currently. I've been incredibly busy, but it's all good stuff. Blair and I are working on some more projects that we can share with everyone shortly, but until then you'll just have to trust that if we are slacking on videos it's because we are slammed with other things behind the scenes and it doesn't mean that we don't love you guys! That being said, I have been working on videos all week in order to get back into some semblance of a schedule. 

*Warning... mini rant coming*

If I'm being honest though, I don't think I should do this whole video series thing again (Makeup Mayhem, FallThatGlitters, Vlogmas). I love doing projects like this on YouTube, because I think it's so fun to have a little project within a project (the main project being the whole channel), but people take it way too seriously, and it takes the fun out of it. 

It's like this. I started out my channel as a hobby right? Because I loved it. Now, 5 years later, I still love it, and I'm lucky enough to make money off of it, which is awesome. It's not, however, my only source of income or my only job. So sometimes when I feel stuck in a creative rut (and yes, you do have to be somewhat creative to keep up a YouTube channel for 5 years. Anyone who says "You do the same thing over and over! That's not creative!" hasn't had a YouTube channel for 5 years), I'll come up with something fun like FallThatGlitters. The idea of the mini series re-inspires me and makes me want to throw myself into it, but sometimes life (and other parts of my job) get in the way. So a video is late, and people get upset. Fair enough. The problem comes from when people get upset even if the video is up on time. People are so used to picking apart YouTubers that I get pulled apart even when I am doing everything right! And the frustrating part is that the whole project was my idea in the first place, because I thought it would be fun! So then it starts this vicious cycle of me never feeling like I can catch a break, and then I feel I'd rather put my "all" into something else (running, knitting, baking, boys (wait, what?), reading American Horror Story recaps), and then I lose interest in the project, because it's not fun, because everyone is acting like the sun is going to crash into earth and we are all going to die if I upload at 1am and not before midnight. Or if I *horrified scream* get sick or have drama behind the scenes (friend drama, boy drama, baby mama drama,) or have other obligations that might actually be even more ethically important than my video on that particular day. 

A lot of people have been requesting Vlogmas this year. In fact, I think there may be a petition on twitter to get me to do it. And honestly... I haven't decided if I am going to do it yet. I have been absolutely ripped apart over FallThatGlitters, and it makes me very wary to make any semblance of a promise. Even if I sit there in the first video and say "This is NOT a promise! I might not finish this series! I might miss videos! I WILL MESS UP!" people will be all upset the first time a video is late. Which is tough, because a part of me wants to do Vlogmas because it's fun. You can see how I'm in a predicament. 

Bottom line: videos are for fun. They are fun. They are free, fun videos. Please keep things in perspective. Also, if you are reading this I am 99.9% sure that this section doesn't even pertain to you. You are my blog readers. You are my homies. You are love, not hate. Unless you are a hater. And if you are, I hope you never run into Misty Day (LOL!). She does not like haters. 

And besides, haters will hate and potatoes will potate. Which means haters are taters. and taters are carbs. And I don't like carbs. Catch my drift?

Oh those grumpy tomates. I'm not even sure that this section made any sense. I just started typing, like a diary entry, and this is what came of it. 

*Ponders over whether to keep it* 

*If you are reading this then I obviously kept it*

Okay, it is now 3:30AM. It has taken me over 3 hours to complete this post. Good grief. Until next time, over and out, Captain Crunch.