Sunday, January 12, 2014

My New Year's Resolutions for 2014

Okay, so here's the deal. This post is about 11 days late, but I actually started writing this on January 1st. I ended up getting oddly tired that night and saved this post as a draft to finish in the morning, went to bed, and woke up with the worst bout of the flu ever. I've actually never had a full-fledged flu in my entire life, as my immune system is pretty strong, but this one knocked me on my butt for a full 8 days. So here it is, 11 days later, but better now than never, yeah? Plus, it all still applies, even 11 days late. Boo to the flu! 

Let's rewind 11 days...

I think there is something so zen about starting a new year. It's a fresh start, a clean slate, and a new opportunity to better yourself and your life. Lots of people will say that you "don't need a new year to start new goals - you can do that anytime," but I still think that the start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on what you want to achieve during the year and put some of your ideas into action.

I like to keep track of my resolutions every year, and I love looking back to see if I accomplished any of them. Let's take a look at last year's resolutions:

1) Go on a fun trip for my birthday. Check! I spent my 25th birthday in Cabo. 
2) Go to Europe. Fail. This didn't happen… but maybe in 2014!
3) Get my sleep on a strict schedule. Check! It's been a struggle, but I've been working on my sleep and it is much better than it was last year at this time. Last year at this time was actually the worst my sleep has ever been, so it makes sense that I would add this as a resolution.
4) Do #MakeupMAYhem. Check! MakeupMAYhem was perfect this year, and actually the most successful YouTube series I have ever done. 
5) Reach 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Check!
6) End the year at the same weight I started it. Check!

5 out of 6 is pretty good, which brings me to this year's resolutions… 

I'll be honest, 2013 was a pretty scattered year for me. It was going great up until "the big move", but then I just couldn't get my feet back under me. My life, both physically and mentally, became very unorganized and the more it fell into an unorganized pattern, the harder it became to pull it back together. Sound familiar? I think a lot of people have had times in their lives where this has happened to them. And so, I have decided that 2014 is going to be the year of structure...

…and that means in every area. I want to spend time getting my new condo put together; creating the organizational structure that is key to keeping your place neat. I haven't sat down and done this since moving in, and it shows - I can't find anything ever, it's always a little messy looking, and I always have a clutter pile or two floating around because not everything has a home yet. I know it will take time to get this place perfect, and I'm not looking to do it over the course of a week - I know it will take months for it to be in a place where I am happy with it, but it will be worth it. It's all about baby steps! 

I also want to implement this organizational structure into my work life as well, and step one is keeping an agenda again. I used to LIVE by my agenda, but I stopped keeping one sometime early last year, and it showed. I adopted a Kate Spade agenda from Glitzy-Glam that arrived a bit damaged, so we couldn't sell it, so I want to start using it to keep track of everything in my life. 

So here are my basic new year's resolutions for 2014:

1) Have a mini goal every week in regards to my condo organization. If I accomplish one mini project a week by the end of the year I will have done 52 mini projects - that is definitely enough to have a meticulously organized condo by the end of the year! Goal #1 is my closet. Man, if you guys could see it… it is a MESS! You would be appalled, truly. (Author's Note from 11 days in the future - I've already started on this, and it's slowly coming together. I've started by removing a ton of stuff and putting it on my kitchen table, so now I have a kitchen table full of clothing. It's amazing how big of a project my closet is… you would think I could just tackle it in one day, but it is taking me ages!)

2) Make my blogs a priority. Both this blog and DreaminginBlush have been left in the dust a little the past few months, but I want really make an effort to keep both of these going strong throughout 2014. This blog has an advantage because I will be doing a ton to the condo in terms of decor and organization throughout the next few months, and each project will be documented here. That was actually the whole reason I started this blog, so I could have a place to talk about home improvement stuff! 

3) On the same note as #2, I would really LOVE to start back up. I have some ideas for it, but I'm still trying to decide what I want it to be exactly. For any bloggers out there - any feedback would be appreciated! I'm thinking maybe it can be a landing page for all things Elle&Blair, and also somehow have both my blogs and Blair's blog feed into it, so it's like a mega-hub for all of our content. I would have to talk to a website designer about the logistics, but I think it would be safe to say that will come back sometime this year. 

4) Keep running! (Author's Note from 11 days in the future - I haven't ran since before New Year's, as I have been sick in bed with the flu. The last few days I have felt much better energy-wise, but I still have a deep chest cough so I want to make sure I'm better before getting into it again. I miss it!)

I think those are 4 well-rounded resolutions. So here are some questions for you, my lovely readers. 

What are your resolutions? 
What do you think would make the ultimate website? 
Do you have any feedback for me on either one of my blogs or my YouTube channels on how to make it better? What would you like to see more or less of?

I love you guys so much - truly. I know my content lags sometimes, but honestly - you guys are my people! Heart you!



  1. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. I missed reading blogs posts from you Elle! Hope you get better from the flu!


  3. Aww loved this blogpost elle! Youre agenda video really inspired me to get organized and helped me to keep my life together! I think its great that your going to re-start up a agenda! Heres my blog if your'e interested :)

    PS: Glad your feeling better!

  4. I would love to see more blogs on your youtube channel! Don't have to be every day, but your follow-me-around blogs always make me so happy and I'm always the most excited to watch those! :) I also enjoy blogs like these. I used to love your "what's in" and "what's out"
    My new year's resolution is to delete toxic people from my life and use the energy I would otherwise waste on them and focus it instead on bettering myself :)

  5. I've missed your blog posts, Elle! I agree, the new year is such a great time to create new goals, personal or professional.


  6. i loved this blog post! :) i think elle in general you need to not overwhelm yourself. running a youtube channel as well as a blog is a big enough project! dont get yourself down if you cant complete your 52 mini projects or struggle with :)

    i think with your youtube channel its just consistency which is what people love and come back for...and unfortunately no sponsored videos. i personally dont care if you get paid or not but they are always controversial no matter what and i think its good to avoid the negativity :)

    and i think to make your blog the best, just blog about the stuff you dont wanna make a whole video about! just mini hauls, a great product you rediscovered, a product you dislike...etc :)

    ive been following your channel for 4 years now and you are an amazing person so keep up the great great work! xo

  7. I think documenting your mini projects even with just a few photos and a sentence or two under them saying what you did would be awesome :) Easy weekly blog post

  8. My resolutions are

    1) To keep myself happy by doing things that make me happy and proud. Not conforming to what everyone else wants me to be like.

    2) I want to win Miss NY USA this weekend.

    3) Learn to love myself again.

    As for yours and Blairs site, I think it would be great to tie in all of your social media, blogs and videos into one place. Attaching a glitzy glam and cellaris link of course. And showing more of Jelly and your family too. People are interested in your family as well. I know that would be a little hard with you guys in LA and them in Tennessee but it's just a thought.

    I actually love all of your content on your blogs and youtube videos. I don't want to see any less of anything. I like the diversity. I would love to see a video or blog of what inspires you and keeps you motivated while your sick or going through a rut.

    That's all =).

    April Maroshick

  9. I wrote an entire post about resolutions last week and both blog scheduling and becoming a runner is on my list too. People don't realize how hard it is to put out quality content on a consistent basis, no matter how many followers we have. With that said, I'd say maybe you should consider combining the 2 of your blogs. I know you said in the beginning that you wanted to separate them because people may not be interested in both beauty and decor, but so many blogs do it and just have separate tabs so people can go directly to what they want. Plus, it'd be a lot easier to remain consistent with one blog. I've only been blogging since after the bar exam in August, but it's hard! I have no idea how you do it all girlfriend!

    - Kari @

  10. Glad you're feeling better! I would love to hear more about how you got your sleep schedule worked out, because I struggle with that as well. Happy New Year!

  11. I'm glad you're back with the blog. I love your writing. I wrote down my New Year's Resolutions on my blog: I did it for the first time last year, so it was really good for me to reflect on how I did over the year. Normally, I forget what my resolutions were! I agree with you, I get this feeling at the beginning of the year that everything is fresh and I want to set goals.

  12. I would love to see a recap each week on how your resolutions are shaping up.

  13. I was starting to miss that you didn't post anything! Makes sense though because you were busy and sick! I just re-read old blog posts and watched older videos to get my Elle Fowler fix!

    One of my resolutions this year is to try and become a little bit more fashion forward. Not like buy every single thing on trend, but I want to have a variety of different things within my closet!
    Another one would have to be improving on my running! I am on the track team and I want to improve my 400m time by a few seconds!!

    I think would be really amazing if it was all of your social media and Blair's tied into one website! So, you could just go to this one website and get everything about Elle and Blair!!

    As for blog posts and videos, I love anything review like! I have also been on a Sephora haul kick! But, anything that you post, I would be completely happy with! I seriously love you and Blair! Both of you have 1. helped me with make up and 2. make me feel better. You don;t know how many times that I have felt sad and I just turn on one of your videos and I feel better!

    I love you Elle!! I will always be a reader/viewer! <3 :)

  14. my new year's resolutions are to 1. do something for myself, purely for my own happiness every week and 2. to chase after what i want, not just dream about it. i really like your idea for setting a goal for each week – i think i'll start incorporating that into other aspects of my life! Something I'd love to see on would be similar to what is doing – "curating the best of the web" – but in relation to beauty and home decor. that way readers not only get your input and personal experience, but also see what you find interesting and exciting in other work you come across! ps glad to read you're feeling better :o)

  15. I would love it if you posted a closet tour on YouTube when you are finished that project. I loved the closet tour you did way back when.

  16. All sounds good! I've always failed at actually keeping an agenda. I use it for about the first month then forget about it

  17. I love reading your blog, you have such a fun way of writing. <3

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  19. Sometimes I think planning and organizing themselves are more fun than implementing the structure into my life. Keep it up Elle, I think the best that one can do is pick up where one stopped. I am so guilty of trying to start over and redo everything when I fall behind but, in the end, it leaves me even more behind. if it makes any sense :)


  20. I wasn't a loyal reader to the Elle&Blair website and neither am I a dedicated blogger, but I really think you should keep it as it was a complete beauty/fashion/lifestyle forum. I know it could be very hectic but as you have mentioned and some other comments just tie in all your social media contributions into the forum and let the readers do the rest. Maybe you could choose some moderators to check the flow of the forum from the readers themselves (maybe those you see contribute the most and make a difference to how active the forum is as well as add quality). But yes I really think you should just let the readers/members of elle&blair to do most of the work as its hard to answer their questions in the comments they post on videos :)

    As for my resolutions I have chosen the word "creativity" this year, its the first time I choose a word to revolve my resolutions around but I thought it was a good idea when I saw it in a few blogs. I'm a genetics student and sometimes I feel the major kills any inch of creativity I have. So this year I'll try to write more, do more DIYs and just be creative in anyway I can

  21. Hi Elle,

    I follow a blog that is doing something similar with weekly organizing mini projects-

    Hope it gives you advice and inspiration!

  22. So sorry to hear about you getting sick! Hope you are fully recovered soon :)

    This year I am really trying to focus on getting my finances in order, lose weight and finally get HEALTHY, and last but certainly not least take a road trip with friends to Disney World (plans already under way!)

    I'm so excited to see more on your blogs! Maybe face of the day posts every week or so would be fun to see on dreaminginblush, I tend to keep doing the same thing practically so wearable look ideas would be so welcome :)

  23. I'm so happy youre back elle!! I would LOVE to see more glitteratures... please please please. And honestly even random glitter gossips.. those are my favorite :)

  24. I'm glad your back! Europe is on my list too and Im going in July! Paris, London, and Belgium to start! :D My New Years Resolution is to eat healthier and continue my workout schedule! I love you!

  25. My resolutions are to get more serious about my health and to stay motivated in school (I'm a college junior) there are some others but I'm focusing on those mostly.

    I think it would be awesome if Elle and had content from both of you compiled into one, it would also be cool if you did like sister advice videos about how to deal with family functions or sharing family recipes.

    As for your YouTube videos and blogs, I love everything you post! Maybe more daily vlogs or even just "sit down and talk" type of videos. It doesn't have to be perfect quality and you don't have to always look perfect, I enjoy just feeling like I'm listening to a friend! As cheesy as that sounds.. Happy New Year!

  26. My word for 2014 is fearless! I want to take action this year and take risks. I also want to work on finding my signature style. I really loved your Please bring it back! You and Blair are some of my favorite beauty vloggers!

    my blog:

  27. My New Years Resolution is to do the ones from 2013 haha. For Elle and you guys should do stuff thats about ya'lls personality don't worry about making it so professional, make it about what interests you and Blair. For your youtube channel, videos like whats in my purse videos, room tours, bathroom tours, make up collections, candle collections and videos like that are always fun, I know how some people have negative things to say about those kinds of videos but just focus on your positive fans and not the negative nellies. And my favorite kinds of vids to watch are daily vlogs and videos that are not so edited. I would like to see more of those kinds of videos and less of reviews I understand how doing reviews is a big part of your job, I'm not saying stop doing reviews just do more of the funner videos that I listed about I think your true fans would really appreciate them. Didn't think I would right a novel but o well. Thanks for reading this and I love your videos and you!

  28. Love that you're blogging again! I started mine back up yesterday & wrote about my main goals for the year :) Can't wait to see your projects! My husband and I live in a small space, so I've been trying to find ways to utilize every nook & cranny!


  29. Hey Elle,
    I'm really looking forward to your Posts on this Blog! I'm a huge fan of it, because I really like the way you really want to find "the perfect thing" before getting "just anything".
    And I have to say - I love your "Ins and Outs"
    Best wishes from Europe! (there are so many pretty places here)

  30. This post has totally inspired me to think about my goals for this year. My main goal is to just be happy and have a more positive outlook on everything. 2013 was a pretty stressful year for me, so I was happy when the new year came. And already, just having a positive attitude has made such a huge difference in my everyday life.

    Thanks for sharing! I look forward to your organizational projects!!

  31. I moved in my own house 2 years ago and I know how difficult it is to organize everything and it can be very frustrating.
    I'm really looking forward to read your posts about organizing and maybe if you could do a video about how to keep an agenda and stick to it..that would be great!

  32. Yay, I'm glad you finally updated this blog :) I prefer this one over your "beauty" one...just because I enjoy decor more. But I love both nonetheless...can't wait to see how this all turns out! Plus, the idea of making a mega feed for both your blogs seems like a fantastic idea!!

  33. Thanks for sharing with us, Elle! I would love to see back up and running! I certainly hope that you feel better soon! Take care!


  34. Nice resolutions! I think for one of your goals weekly should also be a YouTube video. Like every Wednesday you will have some sort of video either on your beauty channel or on your vlog channel. Just something to let your subscribers know you are their still. Life does get the best of everyone but I think even a short 4 minute video of anything is better than nothing. It also helps with your brand.

    My goals are eating better which I have since the new year! Exercise!! I have been going to the gym twice a week, and working out at home on my own machines 3 times a week. Get rid of the bad! Especially with guys. I am putting myself first and doing everything for me. I am 26 and doing things because I want to do them. Not doing it for a guy, for love, lust, nothing. Not letting my flings have a hold on me and going back to what I call "poison" it has been working great and I am loving life.

    My biggest thing is thing year is helping those in need. Donating clothes, money, helping out at shelters, anything for those less fortunate. or those that need help.

    Thanks for the update!

  35. Dear Elle,
    Thank you for sharing. I have missed your blog posts and videos. And first, I would like to say, I hold no ill feelings toward you and your lack of posting, etc. I, and hopefully a good number of people, understand that you have a life outside youtube and blogging -- friends, family, health. So if I may be so bold, take your time getting back into the swing of things if that's what you need. We all need a break sometime, even from things we love. <3
    And as for my resolutions: 1) Be more thankful for what I have. I live a very good life, but sometimes I take it for granted. I am alive, I have a roof over my head, I have a loving fiancé, and 4 wonderful pets. That is a lot better off than some people. 2) Get in shape. I have let my eating stray a bit. I am a vegetarian but lately I am more of a carboterian. Thanks to the girls as Toneitup or I would still be. 3) Pass PhD comps 4) Have a successful wedding (November 2014). Wish me luck! :)

  36. Elle, thank goodness you are back! I was beginning to worry that this blog wasn't going to be updated :) So happy that you are feeling better, and good luck with your resolutions - you will conquer them I am sure! Excited to have some great posts to read too eeeek :)

    Kate Xx

  37. Love the idea of a combined sister website! Genius.


  38. as far as tips for youtube... if you want to keep your viewers and if you truly still have fun making videos, you should do a video every week instead of posting quite often and then... silence radio for weeks or a month. then, I think it's too soon for you to say you can run three blogs at a time and still keep youtube, your makeup line and so on... it's just too much! If you don't want to do youtube videos for your own fun, you can then become a more assiduous blogger, it's as simple as that! just find something you truly enjoy and be commited to it, don't do too many things at a time would be my tip.

  39. I used to really love elle and blair. i have always wanted an "" of my own and if i could structure one, i would really look to but keeping everything from old elle and blair like videos from all channels, adding all of your blogs, and even adding a tab for glitsy glam and to buy your books and phone cases and skylark stuff. something i have always wanted to do was a photo - tutorial but lately it has been all about youtube for me but it would be cool to incorporate both videos and blog post tutorials. i would also love to see some l.a. type of blog posts. weird things that have happened to you there or really cool spots you like to go to, the best place for a great view, so there are some ideas.

    <3 erica