Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekly Project: Holiday Storage!

Happy Sunday, everyone! As you probably know, one of my New Year's Resolutions was to have weekly mini-organizing goals in my condo. Since I started this project 12 days into January, (that darn flu!), and the closet project took me close to two weeks (a mini-project, it was not), this week's mini-goal rounds out January with two mini-goals down. Well, make that one mini-goal and one big-ass-project.

This week I was shooting two videos for Pantene's YouTube channel, and two for my own channel, so that combined with some pretty long work meetings left little time for organizing. That being said, I still managed to get a mini-goal accomplished. This week's goal was to round up all of my holiday decor, of which I have a lot, and consolidate them into one spot. My condo doesn't have a ton of built-in storage, so my Halloween and Christmas decorations were crammed into any space I could find, taking up valuable real estate that should have been used to house other stuff. 

Blair and I are currently sharing a storage unit that we use to store some furniture that we are saving for use in future homes, and therefore don't want to sell right now. Since we have lived in 3 places since moving to LA, it is hard to find spots for everything in each new home; sometimes rooms are shaped differently and something doesn't fit. For instance, one piece of furniture I am currently storing is my pink chaise lounge from my old bedroom; I love it to pieces, but it doesn't have a spot in my current condo, so for now it lives in the storage unit. As convenient as this is, in a few months I am going to re-evaluate what is in the storage unit and make sure it is worth paying a monthly fee to keep. "Project Storage Unit" will probably be a weekly mini-goal sometime in the future, so be on the lookout for that ;)

I thought if I'm paying for the unit already, and there is room, why not pack my stuff up and take it there until next October? It's not like I'm going to need this stuff before then anyway, right? So off to Target I went, and into my car 2 plastic packers went, and into the packers my holiday stuff went. The end. 

Honestly, it was kind of funny how I kept finding holiday decor everywhere. Most of it was wrangled into my laundry closet, but I kept finding things in the most random places. And as "mini" as I consider this mini-goal, it actually took some time to track down everything and pack them up nicely. I decided one packer would be for my Halloween stuff, and one would be for Christmas decor, and surprisingly enough I was able to fill both packers up to the brim. And these were big packers, guys. A holiday minimalist, I am not.

The Halloween packer has everything shown in my Halloween Decor Tour video, which you can check out if you want to see my place all spookified ;)

It holds pillows, pumpkin and bats hand towels, a dragon costume for Pinecone (cause I mean, he needed to be a dragon-worm, obviously), little tiny candy corn candles, glittery decor pumpkins, the scary antique phone, the marble "hand" bowl... pretty much everything in that video took up an entire packer. 

The second packer holds all of my Christmas decor. I didn't end up decorating my new place this year because I was only in town for a week of December, and spent Christmas in Tennessee, so the decorations I have are from my old place. I do have a Christmas decor tour video, if you wanna see them in action, but all of my Christmas candles, my unused wall plug-ins, my baby Christmas tree, my front door wreath, unused Christmas cards, holiday pillows, extra lights, and more, went into the second packer. 

Between these two mini-projects and the rest of the work I've done in my place in the last three weeks (hello, project House to Home!), I am very happy with the progress made this month. Let's hope February is just as productive on the home organizing front!

Did you accomplish any organizing mini-goals or big projects during the month of January? What were they? 

What are your goals for February? 

Oh, and I'll leave you today with a picture of the blurry, albeit magnificent, "PAH-SGHETTIO THE DRAGON-WORM FOWLER!!!"

No but seriously. Doesn't he look EXACTLY like a dragon-worm?


  1. We are moving to Switzerland towards the end of the months, however the moving company is already coming in a few days (the 11th) so I am currently in the process of packing up the last things (crazy me is already in an almost completely packed up apartment since a few weeks now).

    So for February I basically have two goals: finish packing and finish unpacking. I took a week off at the end of February to get everything settled (including all that administrative stuff you need to get done when moving to a new country) and hopefully will accomplish most of if before starting working full time by March 3rd while simultaneously writing my Master thesis :/

    Love, S.

    1. Good luck with both the move and writing your thesis! You are gonna rock at both! :D

  2. I am such a freak about keeping things organized, too. I recently moved from an apartment to a town home. When I lived in my apartment, I did have to rent a storage unit. My storage unit had a chain-linked fence that went up to the ceiling as a divider. That means that the people who had a storage unit around mine were able to see everything I had in mine. I would always get compliments from my neighbors about my storage because EVERYTHING had its own box, perfectly labeled. Having everything organized makes life so much easier.

    My goal for February is to do a little more decorating around my house. It's literally so blah because my husband and I hate clutter and hate useless trinkets, so we have to actually find decor that's going to actually play into the room well before committing.

    1. I am a bit funny about decorations too. On one hand, I am drawn to cute decor in stores and I like the look of them in homes, but I also hate clutter. What ends up happening is I have some decorated areas and some super bare areas, like I refuse to have anything out on my kitchen counters, even appliances. I even keep my toaster tucked away and only bring it out when I need to use it!

  3. I am still finding random Halloween decorations around, and have yet to pack up all my Christmas mugs (I love them too much!)

    1. me too!! I actually have my holiday glassware in a separate cabinet, so those things didn't get packed. They have their own home so I didn't need to pack them up!

  4. I can't believe how much halloween stuff you have! I don't have nearly that much! But it's so smart to move everything to a storage unit instead of keeping it in your house!
    Modern Beauty Girl

  5. I am moving soon and am slowly packing everything up into tubs and boxes and suitcases, I keep finding bits and pieces like my polar watch, books and ones of shoes that I thought i'd lost! Woops. While I don't have mini weekly goals I have a mini each day goal even if it is just to put shoes back in the box after ive used them :P

  6. I need to do something like this and you inspiring me to do it :D
    Xo * nice post

  7. I love your lifestyle posts like this :) and you just have the cutest kitty in the world! x

  8. Your whole mini goal series has totally inspired me. Since I still live at home I really only have my bedroom to organize so it isn't much

    Instead I decided to set mini goal each month in order to tackle my larger resolutions for the new year, because small steps are better than no steps right ?

    Some of my mini goals this February are:
    1. Complete one crafting project
    2. Look into hotel for my european adventures (if anyone has recommendations I would to hear them :) !)
    3. create and inspiration board.

    Cheers, Jennifer

  9. I'm moving at the end of the month, you are my storage guide!!! LOL

  10. Pinecone looks cute as a button!! I imagine he'd look cute in any outfit though, haha.
    It's so awesome that you've marked another mini goal off your list. It's been motivating me to do my own mini goals too. This week I managed to fiiiiinally set up my desk and arrange all my paperwork (which was stacked into a meter-high pile) and organise stationary for the next uni trimester. It's definitely satisfying to cross stuff off! Now I have to decide what's next.
    Hoping you stay motivated to continue with the mini goals. They don't sound so mini but your dollhouse is going to look so amazing by the end of the year because of it !! :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  11. Elle, I'm not sure if you laid your candles on the side just for the picture, but if not, you might want to lay them right side up. Your storage unit might get hot and cause them to melt. Even though they have lids, I would hate for wax to leak out and get all over your pretty decorations.

    1. that is such a great tip! The movers come tomorrow morning so I'll make sure to repack the candles. Thank you!

  12. Pinecone's a cutie!! This would've help so much when I moved last year, great tips Elle

  13. Oh goodness, i hear you. Storing festive decor is a pain in the butt!

  14. Love your organization posts and videos!

    ~Cindy F.

  15. Gah! your cat is amazingly cute! and these post are so fun to read!

  16. This is the year of organization for us too! I tend to get overwhelmed thinking of everything I need/want to do, so I'm doing what you're doing- weekly, attainable goals. March and April will be big Spring Cleaning months so I'm planning out a project a week plus one for the weekends.

    For February, my focus is the boys' rooms. We knocked out a few projects this weekend (Lego tables, curtains and race tracks for the walls), but, I need to figure out what else needs to be done......probably inspirational artwork for their walls and toy storage.....hmmm

    Really enjoy your posts and videos! They're so inspiring and keep me motivated! Please keep them coming!!

  17. In January, I was focused on finals and trying to finish the semester with good grades. With jut studying, I could not focus on staying organized. My room is a horrible mess right now! I went on a trip a few weeks ago and my suitcase still isn't unpacked! In February, I want to focus on trying to stay clean! I want to clean my desk first because that's the first thing that I want to use!

    Love you elle!!

  18. It is such a good mini project you did there! I did a whole post on my blog earlier this month about holiday storage. I have a lot more decorations than you do though, so I had to seperate everything into different bins and try to stay as organised as I can!
    Can't wait to see your next post!

    Style playground

  19. I love your blogs Elle! I do have to say I have several mini projects as well. There is still one little corner of Christmas in my home and I somehow refuse to get rid of it. So that needs to be stored. I am also debating on having an extreme room makeover to a bohemian and Bollywood inspired look. Sounds a bit crazy but we shall see. I hope your day is going great and I can wait for your next house to home project blog or video.


  20. It'd mean a ton if y'all checked out my new blog!

  21. I definitely need to work more on my organizational ways for my holiday stuff. I only really decorate for Christmas but when I do Christmas I do Christmas A LOT! I'm really trying to work at not keeping clutter. I have gotten rid of a lot of clothes I just simply no longer wear as my style has changed over the years and I pack my old high school and college shirts away except the few that I still wear. Still working on organization but I hope I will get it to my liking soon!!!

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  26. Elle, where did you go? I miss the posts on here!

  27. Just discovered your blog and we love it !

    Ps : We've nominated you for a lovely award, you can read the details in my blog. Sorry if you've already been nominated ! :)

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  30. Hello there.
    I've just found your blog and am glad about it. It is so bright and adorable!
    Your cat is super cute :)
    Hope Pinecone won't make any trouble again (I've read your post about him seeking attention 24/7)

    Have a perfect day :)
    Vanessa Key

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  32. Love that you're organizing your holiday decorations, etc. Every year I realize that I forgot about something for a certain holiday and it bums me out! Just found your blog via Bloglovin', and I'm into how colorful you are! Love your kitty, too. :)

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  35. So, this is so on point with what I am doing this year. And my Mum came to me in December with the clever rhyme: 2015: The Year of CLEAN!
    Haha, I know you wrote this last year, but I am still excited to really organize this year