Sunday, January 25, 2015

I ♥ Etsy: ScribblePrintsCo Sticker Haul!

You guys know I like planners and stickers, and if you don't, you might want to start by reading this post. Since being in Tennessee on bed rest this obsession has multiplied and grown into a monster. I'm a sticker lovin' monster. 

While the purpose of keeping a planner has a million reasons in and of itself, I can see why some people would be confused as to why I would spend so much time decorating mine. "If planning is a place to help you get things done, why would you spend so much time on the planning itself?" you might ask. 

Well, decorating my planner is something I can do in bed, and it's also a place where I can document everything I need to do (which is limited at the moment), as well as doctor's appointments, physical therapy, my medical symptoms, etc. Having a planner helps keep me sane, and decorating it makes it a happy place in which I want to look at and refer back to throughout the day, helping me stay more organized and ultimately getting more accomplished. 

Plus, I love stickers. I don't even need a reason to love stickers. Some people love tiny china figurines from Hallmark that they store in china cabinets; some people collect stamps or coins or guns. I like stickers. 

When I first got into this planner obsession and starting tweeting about it, a sweet girl named Andrea reached out to me and offered to send me stickers from her Etsy shop. I immediately emailed her back, thrilled at the offer, and told her I would love anything she sent. 

Well... let's just say, "She treated me good. Damnnnn good". LOL.

Wow, just wow. I am honestly so impressed, and she sent me so many stickers that I am set for awhile. I had the biggest and happiest smile on my face going through this colorful package of goodies, and everything from her presentation to her little note to me were perfect. She makes me want to own a sticker store.

Guys, she makes me want to own a sticker store

I have a tendency to... um... jump on my entrepreneurial dreams? I'm not opening a sticker store; I don't have the slightest clue how to make stickers, but I'm just saying, don't be surprised if you see "Elle's Sticker Store" pop up in 10 years or so. 

"Elle's Stickers and Bells"
"Ellealie's Stickerarie"

Ok, the name might need some work. 

Andrea not only has an amazing shop, she has been the sweetest person to communicate with. We have totally bonded over our love for makeup and our love for Alex's music (Andrea has been dating her boyfriend for 7+ years and their "first song" together was by Alex from back in his MySpace days! Small world, seriously!). 

She makes YouTube videos, and has a 26 minute long planner video which I have watched twice, because I love the way she plans with all her stickers and just her entire system, and I definitely recommend checking it out if you are interested in planning. You can watch it here! Also her Instagram is one of my favorites for planning pictures. 

It makes me wonder if I should start a "sticker and planners" Instagram, separate from my main one? To be honest I would rather keep all of my pictures on one Instagram account, but do you think my beauty girls will hate the planner and sticker pictures and unfollow? The thought makes me sad. Aww. :( 

Bottom line: You should order from Andrea. I didn't even know who she was 10 days ago and now I am addicted to her store and have already placed a second order from her. She posts new stickers Mondays and Fridays, so if you are reading this Sunday night or Monday morning... lucky you, she just put up new stickers! Next on my wish list are the colored iPhone stickers and the mason jar stickers - she didn't have those last time I looked! She seriously puts up cute new ones all the time. The girl works her butt off. 

Andrea has been AMAZING and set up a 15% off entire purchase coupon just for my readers. The code is "iheartyoucoffee" and you can get to her store here - link! Oh, and she ships worldwide! 

She also included a extra packet of stickers just to give away to one of my gorgeous readers, so here is a picture of all the ones you will receive! All I ask is that you be a planner lover if you enter this... I would much prefer this go to someone who genuinely loves planners rather than someone who just enters every giveaway just to see if they will win. Trust me, there will be plenty more! 

You have 2 ways to win this. The first is to pop on over to Andrea's store and leave me a comment on this post telling me what your favorite sticker of Andrea's is, and also one that she doesn't currently make that you would love for her to create for your planning needs. One comment per person, please. 

The second is to go over to my Instagram and follow the rules on the picture associated with this post. 

I will randomly pick a winner from one of the above. If you do both options, you are twice as likely to win.

Giveaway ends in one week and will ship out along with a handwritten card from me. It's open worldwide, of course :) 

Good luck! Love you girls, tons and tons!

P.S. Let me know if you want to see more planner hauls and Etsy store reviews! I would seriously love your feedback on this; I know it's outside my normal bubble of content I talk about, but I really love it right now!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Scribbles: Q&A

I am snuggled up in my bed on a Sunday night, and thought, "I want to write a blog post... maybe a Q&A!" 

Shoutout to @D_Shaf on Twitter for coming up with the series name "Sunday Scribbles", I love it! I asked for questions on Twitter and said I would answer 5 of them so, here we go!

@ellequeenblair asked, "If forced to choose, would you pick YouTube or blogging?"

My answer for this is always going to be YouTube. YouTube is where I got my start, and honestly, I still love it slightly more than blogging. I think you can form a connection with your viewers through video that you don't quite get to represent through writing and pictures alone, but that being said, I love both of them. 

Blogging has been my escape through this injury. Before I was well enough to actually blog myself, I would read other people's blogs. There was something much more soothing about reading written words and looking at pictures versus watching a video, so my YouTube subscription feed got ignored in favor of my Bloglovin' list. You should follow my blogs on there, btw, you can follow this one here and DreaminginBlush here. Bloglovin' is where it's at, because I get sent an email of all the newest posts from all my followed blogs and then I can pick and choose which to read and click through to them. 

Sometimes, I enjoy blogging more than making videos. Right now, I don't have a choice. I have 100 video ideas that I can't wait to make that I just can't right now, because my spine isn't strong enough to even sit up straight in a chair for 20+ minutes straight. That's not even counting the fact that I like to include extra bits into my videos, like close up shots and intro pan-overs... filming even a simple sit down video can easily be 1-2 hours of footage! 

Short answer: YouTube. But I love you, my dear readers. 

@xoForeverLauren said, "Please answer this one!  You are such a positive inspiration for me! How do you stay happy & motivated in life?!"

Oh geez, this is a hard one for me right now, because I'm going through a bit of a tough time in my life. I guess I would consider myself, "happy and motivated" even with my injury, but I don't feel that way every single day in my life, even when I'm perfectly healthy. I think my key has always been keeping a planner. I know I have recently become re-obsessed with them, but I have always said that having a planner keeps me on top of myself and makes it much harder to lose several hours of time and not know where they have gone, which easily happens if you start watching TV or browsing the internet. I like to give myself a few goals for the day, and make sure they get done.

That being said, people are going to have bad days, and people are going to have unmotivated days, and sometimes I let myself just roll with it. Today for instance, I woke up just... unhappy. And I just went with it and allowed myself to not really do anything at all. I watched some TV, read some blogs, read a book, took a bath... and now, as I'm about to fall asleep, I'm starting to feel better (which is why I'm writing a blog post now!). 

I think you have to just let yourself feel your feelings, and tell yourself that it's ok, as long as it's within reason (like you aren't not getting something done that you really have to). 

@monicaj990 asked, "When will you be better enough to go back to LA? Miss your house to home videos."

I get asked this a lot, and actually, I've also had comments along the lines of, "are you ever going back? You seem to like TN more than LA!" This makes me laugh a bit because of COURSE I will be going back to LA; I live there! I own a home there! I have a life and a sister and friends and a boy there! AND A HOME! Hahahaha :) 

Going back to the original asker's question though, man, I don't know. At first I thought mid-Jan, but after my check up last week I'm not strong enough yet. It would be hypothetically possible to fly to LA and do all of my physical therapy there, but when I mentioned this to my doctor I got a very strict, "I don't think so," look back. Plus, my Dad, another doctor, said absolutely not. I can't really care for myself completely yet. Yes, I can shower, and do my own laundry, and make myself food, but I can't really go anywhere yet. Small and short Target runs for my planner obsession are about the extent of my outings at this point (other than Physical Therapy and Doctor's appointments) and even then my mom limits those to being very quick. I swear, I thought she was going to physically pick me up and remove me from the Target dollar spot the other day because I was dallying.

When Alex gets back from tour and is back in LA I know I'm going to be itching to get back there, so I'm thinking sometime in late Feb, but honestly I won't know until after a few more weeks of physical therapy.

@FlyFashLiveFree said, "You used to have a strict rule on discussing with Alex, what's changed?

This is a really hard question to answer, because honestly, I don't know. I wish I had a better answer, or a more specific way of explaining things, but it's just the way I felt. I have had several relationships before this (2 of them long ones) in the 6 years I have been making videos, and not a single one of those boys ever showed up in a video, a picture, not even a mention on social media. I kept it completely separate, and it had always been that way. It got to the point where it was a point to not share anything, because that's just the bar I had set for myself. 

I think part of it is that Alex is also a public figure, and he wanted to post things. He wanted to post pictures, and tweet me, and even though I kept it relatively quiet for a long time, he didn't really (hello, Secret Girl and every other song pointing to me). After the "Wake Up Call" video was released, it was kind of out there, and from there it just spiraled. 

I still haven't figured out where my own boundaries are with it to be honest. I am still keeping him separate from my main YouTube channel, and haven't talked about him on there (only on social media and my vlogs) but again, it's all a learning process and I don't even know anymore what I'm allowing and what I'm not. I'm human, you know? This is just a tough area for me to figure out. 

@izzimarks09 asked, "Will we get an update photo/video tour of your condo when you're all fixed?"

YES YES YES!!!! I am SO excited about this. One thing I have been doing while on bed rest is coming up with "mood boards" for how I want to finish off my condo. The main things left are my two bathrooms and my beauty room, with the beauty room being the most important thing to get done. 

I've already talked to my mom and she has agreed to come out to LA for 2 weeks to help me transform that room into what I want since I can't really do anything myself yet, and won't be able to pick up anything heavier than 10 pounds for a very long time. My mom is the best; I told her I could hire a professional organizer and she was totally offended, she thinks it's going to be the best time. Wine and makeup organization with my mama, yes please!


Let me know if this Q&A style post is something you would like to see more often in a comment below! I would love to make this a series, but only if you would enjoy it! <3

Monday, January 12, 2015

My Planner and Sticker Obsession: The Beginning

If you have been following me on twitter then you know about my obsession with my planner and more recently, with stickers. Stickers were my very first love in this entire world, even before kittens, and I started collecting them when I was three, but as I grew up I forgot about my love for them, until now. I asked my mom yesterday, "Mom, where did my sticker collection go?" And she said, "I don't know, I probably threw them away." I think that is the worst thing I have ever heard to be quite honest, because had she kept them I would have a whole collection of vintage stickers from the 80s and 90s, but it would also mean my mom would be a hoarder, so maybe it's best she threw them out after 15 years of me not thinking about them. 

I have been a planner addict since college. I discovered my love for the planner during my freshman year of college after purchasing the school's planner at the school bookstore during orientation. I thought I was so cool; I had a college planner. I was so. freaking. cool. 

That planner ended up catapulting me into a planner obsession that lasted all four years of college, and my most exciting purchase every year was the school's newest planner for that year. My planner, at that point, was for function but not for fun, and I wasn't yet introduced to the love that is colored pens, sticky notes, and stickers (let's not even get started on washi tape, I hadn't even heard of the stuff at this point. Was it even a 'thing' back then?). Here's a picture to show you how well loved (if not very pretty) my planner from college was (I happened to find this in the closet of my bedroom at my parents house and got SO EXCITED to show you!!).

After college I struggled to find a planner that was similar in style to my school's planner, but I sadly failed in my quest. I found a small online community that was really into Louis Vuitton planners with Hello Kitty inserts, and I became obsessed with having one. After saving up money earned from my original Glitzy-Glam store, I finally decided to purchase a red Vernis Louis Vuitton planner with the hello kitty inserts from Amazon (this was a huge splurge for me, especially at the time), but after about a month I realized I wasn't using it, I wasn't even liking it, and I made the sad decision to sell it. I ended up using the money made from selling this planner to buy more makeup, which fueled my YouTube channel, which has fueled my planner kick, so it's really come around full circle in the end. The problem with that particular agenda was that the planner was too small, and also I didn't enjoy the rings inside the planner... they would hurt my hand when I would write on the left sides of the pages. After that fail of a planner quest, my love for agendas dwindled for a bit.

Fast forward about a year, and the obsession came back. We started selling agendas on Glitzy-Glam, so I grabbed one to use, and I fell back in love. I ended up filming a video on how I used to organize my planner for school, and people loved it. You can watch it here, if you are interested.

Once I started using planners again, I started to regret selling that red Louis Vuitton one; it had been so gorgeous and shiny and luxurious. I must have mentioned this in passing to my Mom, who always files things like that away in her head, because for my birthday that year she got me a Limited Edition Louis Vuitton planner. It was the most beautiful planner I had ever, and still have ever, seen. I promptly bought new Hello Kitty inserts and started to use her, but sadly, again after a few weeks, I realized it just wasn't working... the rings were bothering my hand again. 

Thankfully I didn't give this planner away like the red one because I would be so upset about it now; instead I kept it and used it in my closet "as decoration" (it's that pretty), but as soon as I get back to LA I am going to find a use for it. If anyone has any ideas on what I could use this little purse planner for when I'm already using a big one, please let me know in a comment!
My original red agenda on the left, and the limited edition one my Mom got me for my birthday on the right.

My planner love didn't come back again until last year, when I first learned about the Erin Condren life planners, and realized that it was set up in the same way as my beloved college ones were. I was sold, instantly. Shout out to Kristina over at PrettyShinySparkly for being the person to introduce me to these planners; I ended up getting the same one she got and loved it. I used her link, and received $10 off. If you would like to receive $10 off, you can order through this link here. You sign up and then you will get your credit in an email. This link is one of those referral links where you get $10 and I get $10 in credit, but obviously I don't need another planner, so last time I used the credit collected through people ordering through that link to give away a couple of planners to readers of this blog. That way, iheartyoucoffee readers helped out other readers! 

This is my gorgeous planner from last year. It's the Turquoise Gold Foil Edition.

I fell in love with that planner, and with it came my love for colored pens and washi tape. My entire planner became a rainbow wonderland of color-coding and pretty patterned tape. I still didn't feel the need to have 1000 different washi tapes; I wasn't obsessed, I just liked my 20 pack of Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens and a few rolls of metallic washi tape that I bought from amazon. For the record, I still adore these pens, and after a whole year of using them they are still working perfectly and none have dried up. Plus, the colors are bright and beautiful, as you can see in the above picture. Oh, and my little tin of cute washi strips that I thought was so unique and brought so much color and fun to my agenda without costing more than $5 came with me everywhere. 

Since then a year has passed, and as it was time to order a new planner, I bopped on over to the Erin Condren website and saw that she has pink ones this year!! Omg the excitement levels over this pink planner were through the roof. I ordered a Bubblegum Platinum Foil Edition. It's not going to even ship until the 19th and I am being VERY impatient about the whole thing, but I know it will be worth the wait. The reason her shipping takes a long time is because everything is personalized, so it's all worth it in the end, but I do wish I had it right this very moment. 

Since then I have been obsessing over planner decorating videos, organizational pictures, and little stationary stores, and I have purchased orders from 7 different etsy stores already, as well as a haul from both Target and JoAnn's (shoutout to Macy over at JoAnn's for being AH-MAZING). I already have a sticker organizational system within a expandable file folder WHICH ALREADY BARELY CLOSES, and my mom thinks I'm insane. I had an obsession like this twice before; once when I got into makeup and started my YouTube channels, and once when I became obsessed with getting a kitten and got Pinecone. I'm a do-er, you know?

Tonight I decided, I'm not waiting anymore, I NEED TO DECORATE A PLANNER PAGE AND START ORGANIZING MY LIFE DARN IT! So I grabbed last year's planner, opened it up to a January week I hadn't used (I didn't receive my 2014 planner until late Jan), and decorated it up. I decorated the whole week and then planned out tomorrow (Monday) and some weekly goals and then left the rest blank to fill out as I go. I don't have all my new stickers and accessories that I have ordered from Etsy but I think I did quite well with my Target and JoAnn's goodies. I'm going to use it for this week until my new baby comes. 

I think I have come a long way in terms of decorating in the years I have had planners, don't you think?

Ta da! My new planner!
I want to do an entire series of planner decorating ideas and hauls on both this blog and YouTube, and would love a cute name for it like I have for my book reviews, "Glitteratures", and my vlogs, "Glitter Gossips". Any ideas? It can be related to my YouTube name or my blog name, so anything with Glitter, Coffee, Hearts, etc. Please please PLEASSEEEE leave me a comment below with your ideas!

I'm also highly considering getting a Kikki-K planner because they are so darn beautiful, but I think the binder rings would bother me the way they Louis Vuitton ones did. For any of you that have a Kikki-K, why did you pick that one over the Erin Condren? Does it hurt your hand? Is it worth getting one to try and compare them? 

So my questions for you are: 
Do you have any name ideas for my planner series? 
Do you have any ideas for what I can use my little LV planner for since I'm going to be using my big Erin Condren one too?
For current planner and sticker addicts: Do you have any favorite Instagram pages or Etsy stores I must check out?

Would you be interested in seeing things like sticker hauls? (LOL!)

Also, feel free to leave requests below for types of posts you would like to see within this series! And a giveaway for you lovely readers, of course...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, January 8, 2015

I Heart You, Readers!

Hey Lovelies,

In an effort to support smaller businesses and personal blogs, I have made a small ad store for you! It's up on the top of this blog under "Advertise" and features different packages for small businesses and bloggers. There's even a free category for those of you that would love publicity without paying any money :) 

Click here to see the packages.

I heart you guys, so much!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Insomina and the Struggle

This might be a short post (ha! it's not short), but I just need to write. You guys know I like to think of this blog as more diary-style than DreaminginBlush, and... well, tonight is one of those nights where I need it. This blog is probably going to be really honest and raw and I might wake up in the morning and go wtf?!, who knows. Enjoy the little foresight into my brain while you can. 

It's 3:50am, which isn't actually abnormal for me except for that I have been absolutely exhausted and fighting sleep since 11pm. 

You guys know I have insomnia, and I have always described it under that blanket term, "insomnia". Sleep problems. Sleep disorder. But tonight is an example of the true issue of my sleep problem, and that's sleep anxiety. 

I actually hate sleeping. I hate it, because I really like it. I hate it, because I find it so incredibly hard to wake up in the mornings, and it takes me hours to feel productive once my day starts. When my body sleeps, it sleeps HARD, but it doesn't sleep deeply, so I don't actually feel rested. Give me a lights out, no noise, perfect kind of sleep for 8 hours, heck, give me 10 or 11, and I still won't feel rested. The reality is that I will be groggy and unable to focus for a good long while once I wake up, no matter how hard I try. Think of even the name of this blog, "iheartyoucoffee". Well, I heart coffee because it's the only thing that gets me out of bed and able to even think, let alone function. I don't function in the mornings. At all. 

Now, once I've been up for a solid 4-5 hours my body and mind finally "wake up" and I am so incredibly productive. I love life, I get things done, I read, I film and edit videos, I hang out with friends... I'm a happy person! I can do these things in the groggy hours, but it's like living in a fog. It's not real. It doesn't feel real, it doesn't feel like I am actually "living" at all, and the memories don't even stick. I can have a conversation with someone in those foggy hours AND NOT REMEMBER IT. At all. It's so extreme I thought I had a brain tumor until my doctor told me I didn't. 

So, according to my Doctor, what happens is my body forms this sort of distrust with sleep. Subconsciously, I have learned to associate sleep with the inability to fully "live" for several hours the next day (this is honestly the best way to describe it, it's hard to explain the feeling to a normal person. It's not just "not being a morning person". It's more complicated). Because of this, bedtime causes me severe anxiety. Most of the time, I can ignore it and just stay awake through it because I am lucky enough to have a job where I make my own hours most of the time, and can work at night and be groggy in the day if I want to be. And also I want to point out, this doesn't happen every single night, especially not anymore now that I am on medicine. 

But some nights, like tonight, when I know I have to be up early tomorrow... it's hell. I am so tired my eyelids are drooping and my head is nodding off, but I have such an intense feeling of fear to fall asleep. It's as irrational as being afraid of little spiders or snakes or being hugged or, I dunno, whatever else people are terrified of, but it's real in my head. I won't let myself sleep. 

I'm on a prescription sleep medication that works with the issues at hand, anxiety-based insomnia, and it works great. I take it and fall asleep within 30 minutes, but here's the kicker. 

Because my issue is anxiety about sleeping, I avoid taking the medicine. Not always, but tonight that's been my issue. It sounds so silly to someone reading this, I'm sure you're thinking, wow Elle, when did you become a nut job? But I am sharing a real struggle with you that have had for a few years now. 

I get comments sometimes about, "You only need to get yourself on a schedule!" or "You just need to eat healthier/work out earlier in the day/cut out caffeine/ get off technology early!" and while your comments are appreciated, that's not the issue. I have an actual chemical imbalance when it comes to sleep. 

Forcing myself to sleep right now is what I imagine someone with an eating disorder feels when they have to eat something, my brain is giving me very strong NO/DANGER signals. 

One time, my Doctor put me on a sleep deprival schedule, to see if he could "fix" my internal clock before going to the next step, which would be a medication. I was told not to sleep for 72 hours, and then sleep for exactly 12. (Or something like that, to be honest I don't remember the exact method but the point was the deprive my body of sleep for long enough to reset my clock). This was Christmas 2 years ago, and on the 72nd hour I was sitting on my kitchen floor sobbing to my Dad and unable to get in bed to sleep. I thought I was going to end up in the ER, it was so bad. I could not, for the life of me, make myself sleep. My anxiety and fear of sleeping was so great at that moment that Ambien was the only thing that could make me sleep. I'm not on Ambien anymore, btw. Have you seen what Ambien does to me? I have a video on it, you can watch it here, but before you do I want to point out that this video, while funny, isn't really funny at the same time. Blair filmed it whilst I was on Ambien blacked out one night, and it's silly so I uploaded it, but I am in no way making light of my sleeping issues by showing you this video. Ambien makes people do crazy things like sleep walk, sleep talk, sleep eat, sleep DRIVE (yes this is a thing!) and the people around you think you are awake because your eyes are open but you are actually asleep! A part of your brain is actually asleep and you will have absolutely no recollection of any of it the next day. True story, I called my ex one night on Ambien and apparently talked to him for 3 hours about the meaning of life. He could be pulling my leg, but how would he know I had taken Ambien that night? And WHY HIM? Why a random ex? It wasn't even my most recent ex, it was a random one!

Sometimes I wonder if I have really bad nightmares or something that I can't remember in the morning and that's why my body dislikes sleep so much. Or maybe I get possessed by an alien at night. Or something. I have thought all these things, it just seems so strange, all of it. I do actually get Night Terrors, but I haven't had one of those in awhile (now that I am thinking about them I will probably get one tonight, great). 

I did a sleep study once that showed that while I slept a full 8 hours, I didn't dip into my deep sleep REM cycle one time the entire night. This was before I was put on medicine. My medicine helps me dip into REM the way I am supposed to so I don't die. If you don't get correct sleep, YOU DIE. How crazy is that? Can you imagine that? 

I'm sitting here, exhausted and blogging. This is my life at this very moment, and for some crazy reason I wanted to share it even though I hardly ever share personal things. 

Oh, and I had a terrible day too. So there's that. 

I still love you though, and A, so we are all a very happy iheartyoucoffee family aren't we? :) 

P.S. This post doesn't have a picture. I'm too tired, I'll pick one in the morning. 

P.P.S. Leave me a comment, it's not like I'll be, I dunno, sleeping or anything.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A New Year, A New... Year?

It's been almost a whole year since I have posted on this blog, and for that I am absolutely ashamed. When I checked to see when I last posted, I thought it was a glitch. No way could it have been back in February, not possible! But it was, dear friends, it was.

I'm currently laying in bed in my bedroom at my parents house (you can see a room tour here - link!) with a sleeping Pinecone at my feet and a sleeping Jellybean beside me (taking up the entire bed, mind you), and I just thought, you know what, I want to write. 

Writing has always been very therapeutic for me, and if you have followed me since the beginning of time you might remember my very old AllThatGlitters21 blogspot (which is still up if you wanna check it out for giggles - link!). It was a place that I could go to write in between making videos, and there has always been something about blogging that feels so different from videos, in a good way. They both have their positives, definitely, but blogging somehow feels more personal, even though I am behind a computer screen and you can't actually see me. 

Many of you know this, but if you don't, I broke my back in a freak accident 2 months ago. I have a vlog that talks all about that fateful night, including footage (since I happened to be vlogging AS IT HAPPENED) that you can watch if you are interested - link! I was put on 2-3 months bed rest and about 20 different medicines, and it has been a real struggle for me both physically and psychologically. It's been a rough two months, and I'm still on bed rest, so the struggle is real, guys. Until a few days ago I couldn't even concentrate enough to do much more than tweet people. I did an attempt at Christmas vlogging, which you can watch in this playlist here, but it wasn't what it would have been if I had been healthy. During this healing process I really wanted to turn to my blog, but because I couldn't concentrate on anything I couldn't write. A few days ago, my concentration started to improve, which I think has been a combination of slowly lowering my medicine doses (through Doctor's orders, I'm not just making decisions on my health by myself) and moving up to my own bedroom. 

For the last 2 months I have been sleeping in a downstairs bedroom at my parents house because it A) was on the ground floor and therefore I didn't have to deal with the stairs, and B) had a Tempur-Pedic mattress that moved up and down with a remote, which was amazing for my back and helped me get in and out of bed since I don't have the central strength to bend the way a normal person can. I have completely fallen in love with that mattress and will absolutely be investing in one for my own home in LA as soon as I have the means to do so. I have always been weary of spending a ton of money on a mattress because Blair has a Tempur-Pedic in LA and I have always had one of the "knock off" memory foam mattresses from IKEA and I swear they felt the same, but after sleeping on this bed for 2 months I have decided that, yes, it is time to upgrade. I'm sorry, dear IKEA mattress. You were loved.

This new one is so worth it though, and my Doctor said that getting a proper mattress would be key to keeping my back as pain-free as possible after I have healed. Back breaks are notorious for ongoing pain that can last for years or even your entire life. You don't want to mess with your spine, yo.

Moving on.

Sometimes I regret not combining this blog with DreaminginBlush back when I first started them, but I know I had a very good reason at the time, and that was that I felt they would cover very different content. This one was meant to be more personal, diary style entries, and also cover home decor and organization, and DreaminginBlush was to be beauty and fashion based. This blog was the one I knew I would turn to for spontaneous, middle of the night writing, like I am doing right now. 

When it comes to keeping up with two blogs and two YouTube channels it really is quite the challenge. This past year, 2014, I really concentrated on AllThatGlitters21, and while it might not look that way from an outsider looking in, I'm really proud of that channel in 2014 as opposed to 2013. I posted more, and better, content, and I really put effort into learning more about lighting, editing, and backgrounds. I also aimed to post zero "filler" videos, and overall I am very proud of myself. 

That being said, I didn't do my blogs justice, at all, and for that I am sad. 

I only have one New Years Resolution this year, and that is to find a better balance between all of my online endeavors. I post quite a bit on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, so it's definitely not social media that needs working on, it's the 4 big avenues: AllThatGlitters21, EllesGlitterGossip, DreaminginBlush, and this blog, iheartyoucoffee. I'm not sure how I am going to achieve this, because I don't want to promise anything in terms of a schedule, but I want to look back on 2015 next year and just feel good about it, the way I do about AllThatGlitters21 for 2014. Others might not be able to see it, but I can feel it.

For those of you with many online outlets, I would love to know how you balance it. Any and all advice for any sized blogs or channels would be appreciated. Do you have a schedule? Do you have a method for choosing when to post where? Is it all willy-nilly as mine is? If you had two blogs and two channels, how do you think you would schedule them out? Please leave me a comment or tweet me your advice, I would love it.

That's all for now, those are my rambles. Till next time, over and out, Cap'n Crunch.   

P.S. I love you. Coffee. :)