Sunday, January 4, 2015

A New Year, A New... Year?

It's been almost a whole year since I have posted on this blog, and for that I am absolutely ashamed. When I checked to see when I last posted, I thought it was a glitch. No way could it have been back in February, not possible! But it was, dear friends, it was.

I'm currently laying in bed in my bedroom at my parents house (you can see a room tour here - link!) with a sleeping Pinecone at my feet and a sleeping Jellybean beside me (taking up the entire bed, mind you), and I just thought, you know what, I want to write. 

Writing has always been very therapeutic for me, and if you have followed me since the beginning of time you might remember my very old AllThatGlitters21 blogspot (which is still up if you wanna check it out for giggles - link!). It was a place that I could go to write in between making videos, and there has always been something about blogging that feels so different from videos, in a good way. They both have their positives, definitely, but blogging somehow feels more personal, even though I am behind a computer screen and you can't actually see me. 

Many of you know this, but if you don't, I broke my back in a freak accident 2 months ago. I have a vlog that talks all about that fateful night, including footage (since I happened to be vlogging AS IT HAPPENED) that you can watch if you are interested - link! I was put on 2-3 months bed rest and about 20 different medicines, and it has been a real struggle for me both physically and psychologically. It's been a rough two months, and I'm still on bed rest, so the struggle is real, guys. Until a few days ago I couldn't even concentrate enough to do much more than tweet people. I did an attempt at Christmas vlogging, which you can watch in this playlist here, but it wasn't what it would have been if I had been healthy. During this healing process I really wanted to turn to my blog, but because I couldn't concentrate on anything I couldn't write. A few days ago, my concentration started to improve, which I think has been a combination of slowly lowering my medicine doses (through Doctor's orders, I'm not just making decisions on my health by myself) and moving up to my own bedroom. 

For the last 2 months I have been sleeping in a downstairs bedroom at my parents house because it A) was on the ground floor and therefore I didn't have to deal with the stairs, and B) had a Tempur-Pedic mattress that moved up and down with a remote, which was amazing for my back and helped me get in and out of bed since I don't have the central strength to bend the way a normal person can. I have completely fallen in love with that mattress and will absolutely be investing in one for my own home in LA as soon as I have the means to do so. I have always been weary of spending a ton of money on a mattress because Blair has a Tempur-Pedic in LA and I have always had one of the "knock off" memory foam mattresses from IKEA and I swear they felt the same, but after sleeping on this bed for 2 months I have decided that, yes, it is time to upgrade. I'm sorry, dear IKEA mattress. You were loved.

This new one is so worth it though, and my Doctor said that getting a proper mattress would be key to keeping my back as pain-free as possible after I have healed. Back breaks are notorious for ongoing pain that can last for years or even your entire life. You don't want to mess with your spine, yo.

Moving on.

Sometimes I regret not combining this blog with DreaminginBlush back when I first started them, but I know I had a very good reason at the time, and that was that I felt they would cover very different content. This one was meant to be more personal, diary style entries, and also cover home decor and organization, and DreaminginBlush was to be beauty and fashion based. This blog was the one I knew I would turn to for spontaneous, middle of the night writing, like I am doing right now. 

When it comes to keeping up with two blogs and two YouTube channels it really is quite the challenge. This past year, 2014, I really concentrated on AllThatGlitters21, and while it might not look that way from an outsider looking in, I'm really proud of that channel in 2014 as opposed to 2013. I posted more, and better, content, and I really put effort into learning more about lighting, editing, and backgrounds. I also aimed to post zero "filler" videos, and overall I am very proud of myself. 

That being said, I didn't do my blogs justice, at all, and for that I am sad. 

I only have one New Years Resolution this year, and that is to find a better balance between all of my online endeavors. I post quite a bit on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, so it's definitely not social media that needs working on, it's the 4 big avenues: AllThatGlitters21, EllesGlitterGossip, DreaminginBlush, and this blog, iheartyoucoffee. I'm not sure how I am going to achieve this, because I don't want to promise anything in terms of a schedule, but I want to look back on 2015 next year and just feel good about it, the way I do about AllThatGlitters21 for 2014. Others might not be able to see it, but I can feel it.

For those of you with many online outlets, I would love to know how you balance it. Any and all advice for any sized blogs or channels would be appreciated. Do you have a schedule? Do you have a method for choosing when to post where? Is it all willy-nilly as mine is? If you had two blogs and two channels, how do you think you would schedule them out? Please leave me a comment or tweet me your advice, I would love it.

That's all for now, those are my rambles. Till next time, over and out, Cap'n Crunch.   

P.S. I love you. Coffee. :)  


  1. I am happy you're back in terms of blogging - I cannot say I didn't miss you! I love Dreaming in Blush & iheartyoucoffee and have totally been missing your videos.
    Oh, and I hope you feel better and I am glad you will get better!
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 
    also on BLOGLOVIN 

    1. Oh Elle i really hope you feel better! Just take your time and make sure that you give yourself all the time your body needs to heal!

  2. Sending lots of love elle ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Yay!!! You are back blogging!! Finally! I hope you feel much better asap!!! What a terrifying experince this must've been for you! I Hope you get more freedom soon! Sending you lots of love and strength! xo

  4. This was so nice to read, Elle, I love these chit-chatty posts :) I don't think I have fully noticed the 2014 channel-change but possibly somewhere in the back of my mind because your videos became one of my favorites to watch.
    I really hope you get better as soon as possible although I will miss those crazy twitter spams once you get going haha! Go to sleep now, dear, I know you're awake over there! haha
    Love you, sending (gentle-don't wanna squeeze that back) hugs from the other side of the world xx

  5. Hey Elle, love seeing you blog again! Your really good at it! I think in terms of planning your online stuff, you need to regain your enjoyment for it, once that comes back you will fibd yourself wanting to blog, film more. I hope you get better soon! Take care! Xxx

  6. I don't really understand the need to have multiple blogs. I mean I know why you wanted it that way, but it just seems like it spreads you out too thin and leaves you prone to being inactive on one or the other, or both. Why not combine them? We are following what you create or write because it's your content - personally, I prefer when I can see everything in one place too. Use labels to filter out the content you post to keep it organized, and it may help you in feeling more productive while blogging if you can see more consistent content in a single place. We're certainly not going to judge you for posting random midnight musings between your fashion and decor posts (it would be my personal preference!). Just my thoughts. :)

  7. Hi Elle,

    It is always so nice to read your blog posts. I enjoy them more than any other. I think one reason is that you can tell that you love reading and writing so they always flow like a journal, but with well thought out points and your character shining through. It's funny, when I first opened a twitter, youtube and bloglovin accounts it was so that I could access your blogs and channels and I haven't looked back since. If I am feeling like I need a pick me up, your channels and blogs never fail to disappoint. I think another main reason is that you can feel your enjoyment and excitement to connect, and that is always contagious. I got through some really hard times watching your channels, learnt what worked for my face through product recommendations and tutorials, and even did my own makeup at my wedding with the makeup you used and thr techniques in one of your tutorials (we also have the same skin tone and shade, it's crazy lucky for me). Always make sure you enjoy, and follow from there. xoxoxo Andrea (Grace) Alberti

  8. I'm so glad you're starting to feel better Elle! And reading this blog post made me feel really excited because I really like your writing style, it just flows really nicely! In terms of balancing accounts, I think you should brainstorm some ideas (about 5) for each account, and if they're ideas that you really like and are really excited about, you'll write the post of make the video so much more easily, and after you've done a few, it's a lot easier to keep going. I'm really looking forwards to reading more posts from you!

    <3 <3 <3

  9. I agree with others combing the two blogs seems like the best solution. Then weekly blog posts seems very attainable. As for the videos. I think you need to set a goal that is appropriate for your life. What every the number is, 4 videos each month on either channel, etc. just make it a number that works for you. But I do think it is essential you are creating something you are passionate and interested in creating.

    Good luck to you in 2015. I have just started a cat & home lifestyle blog and I too am trying to come up with a schedule. I've decided I need to create 1 quality blog post a week to start.

    Also, I broke my back when I was 16 and had 7 compressed vertebrae. I wore a backbrace for one year but recovered very nicely. I didn't have physical therapy I just had to slowly begin physical activity and couldn't play any sports for that year. Now I over 10 years late I feel great and never have any back pain. So there is lots of hope! Are bodies are amazing and they can overcome anything!
    and if you want to check out my Perisan kitty and my home see below :-)

  10. I'm so happy that you finally wrote in here! I'd love to see more blog posts from you! :)

    I own only one blog and it alone requires a huge amount of time and effort, so I can totally understand how hard it can get for you. I think it'd be a good idea to combine these two blogs, since it'd be easier for you rather that going back and forth between them ;)

    Wishing you all the best, get well soon! <3



  11. Why so many blog channels??? As a reader I would rather have all types of blogs on one channel. It seems to much to keep up with in today's world of social media. Seems if you combine everything this would help you become more organized with a willingness to write a blog on what ever you choose. The easier you make it on yourself the more you would want to post than trying to maintain so many blog channels. Organize your blogs with tabs and or tags. I believe wordpress allows you to publish your article to all your social media outlets..... This frees up time helps manage time and will help you to keep up with your followers. I wish you a speedy recovery keep yourself in good spirits I know it is hard.

  12. Keep it up Elle. Hope you recover soon.

  13. Thanks elle for sharing your story. Ive been following your for years now and you are my inspiration in writing my blog. I hope you will feel better soon. I know that this might be a hard time for you and I just want you to know that you are loved. love yah!

  14. Soooo happy you are blogging again! I struggle a lot with ONE and ONLY blog I have that's about interior design and the idea of improving it is always in the back of my mind because I don't know who would read it or what do I post that people would like to see.. It is a struggle for sure! I hope you feel better soon! Sending you so so so much love Elle! xo

  15. I definitely recommend a schedule, even just a weekly one. One week focus on one video per channel, and one blog post per blog. You could even take every third week off from all of it and you'd still be productive. I hope you're recovery is going well :)
    I'd love if you checked my blogs out

  16. Glad to see that you're back!
    Girl, I don't know how you do it. I've been running my ONE blog for like 18mos now and it fully stresses me out sometimes, trying to grow it, keep up with readers and comments, and everything else. I actually started as two separate blogs because I like blogging about life and girly things but also about books and writing. But even when I posted 1-2 per blog (4days total) I still felt like I was slacking because I couldn't see all of my productivity in one place, if that makes sense. I feel like anytime we separate ourselves in two places, it's always less satisfying, which eerily is also applicable to life. Hmmm...
    Anyway, I'm a smaller blog but I'll suggest what works for me. Combine it all under a title that signifies you as a whole. . Add tabs at the top for categories that you really want people to pay attention to (ex: I have 'books' & 'writing' up there) & then add buttons for further categories somewhere else on the blog (I have pretty buttons on my sidebar for beauty, fitness, reading, NYC etc). That way you're all whole again but your readers can easily navigate to exactly what they like to read.
    For posts (I'm gonna be quick bc I have too many ideas and this comment's already TOO long), I try to strike a balance with topics. I'm older (26) than a lot of young bloggers but I don't want to isolate anyone so I try to alternate between lighthearted/funny posts and more serious ones. Really hope this helps and isn't just babble!

  17. I am not a beauty person on youtube, or a blogger in the strictest sense. I have a personal blog I started to actually help me with my productivity, It has some beauty, some tea, some weight loss and recipes, and the whole things is more meant to be devoted to personal change.Things I love, experiences I love, and things that help me grow stronger. I have no schedule for this, though I am trying to post more frequently in general. I was student teaching this fall, and it just had me too busy for pretty much everything.

    The way I do most of my work is to ride the motivation waves. If you are motivated to film, film. If you aren't really feeling like editing though, film more. Spend a day only filming. Have raw footage around so that when you don't feel like have plenty to edit. I would also try to have some small posting goals (even once weekly would be a start), and try to have at least 5 videos all the time saved and available to post on that same schedule for when I got sick, life got busy, or I hit an unmotivated stretch. Particularly with your healing process, maybe do tags from your bed. Or most loved product series. I wish you a speedy and comfortable recovery.

    1. This is excellent advice!

    2. Great advice. Very similar to some of the things that have helped me too.

    3. Thank you - it is 29 years in the making. I am an inherently lazy person, frankly. I am glad I finally found strategies that work pretty well for me. I forgot to add, the key is to not set unattainable goals. My new years resolutions, as well as any of my goals, are rarely finite. Or they are finite, but very easy to attain. Better to amp them up when you succeed than put a hard limit on something that will cause frustration and lead to failure. Improvement, as a process, matters SO much more than the goal itself. This is pretty much always true.

    4. Yes! Exactly! I am 32 and am a procrastinator but have to plan out stuff like this in order to get past it. Lol.

  18. Lots of love your way Elle. Get better soon!

  19. I had two YouTube channels and two blogs, and I was not a regular poster on any of them. My YouTube stuff hadn't really started up properly, and for several reasons I'm not active on them at the moment. I "consolidated" both blogs together last year, which has really amounted to me simply deleting the beauty blog I was barely working on and concentrating on my main blog, which is essentially the same idea as iheartyoucoffee - writing about whatever I feel when the mood takes me. So I guess this isn't helpful advice, on any level - I was never a regular poster, with barely any followers, and I haven't successfully kept them all running, rather stopped using most of them! - but there you go.

    I hope you see the success in 2015 you wish for. It's often what others can't see that thrills you most and makes you feel most accomplished. Every time I see bloggers and YouTubers becoming even more true to themselves whilst trying to juggle their business and career I salute them. It's not an easy task. <3

  20. Nice to see that you are back to blogging Elle and that you can finally concentrate! I dont have nearly as much going online as you do, however I under stand the stress that can come with all the different things. I think maybe combining blogs would be the easiest for you. As much as the two things may not seem to go together, I have found it easier to do everything on the same blog. I am still guilty of not using it as much as I would like or as regularly as I would like, but I do think I post more on one blog than I do on two.

    As for a schedule for blog posts I write when I am inspired. If I can post that week awesome, if not then its not the end of the world and I just try to post the next week. Now on that same side of things if I wanna post more one week I will post more. You cant force things or you will learn to despise doing them.

    I know you have YouTube to where you say you are happy with it, but an easy way to keep with that is to just get a little cheap calender, keep all your video ideas on a note page with it, and just make notes on days you think you might want to upload. Whether that be by a sticky note so you can move it around, or if you just do it in pen and plan around wanting to upload that day. I also write down the days I want to film and edit since I am in college and boy trying to do YouTube, a blog, and get an etsy store up and running is stressful.

    In all I say just try to post once a week on YouTube and once a week or once every other week on your blog. Your followers love you, and they will be happy with whenever you post, as long as they get to see your work.

    Good luck in 2015. I know that having a broken back stinks but hopefully you will get better soon and you can start to make the most out of the year. It's not what others think of your work that matters the most. It is that you feel accomplished about it and that you are happy with the work you have done.

  21. I'm so excited that you're getting back into blogging! I agree that you should consider combining your two blogs into one. You could have a mix of beauty/fashion posts and personal posts. It might make it easier to balance with Youtube. The effort you have put into your channel this year really shows! Your videos are great quality and I always look forward to watching them. Your injury is just a minor setback. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a happy New Year!

  22. This post was lovely and so honest, thanks for always being so true to you :) I've had my share of blogs in the past that weren't successful because I didn't have a great system.

    I'm working on a third and this time I created a plan of my broad goals down to a specific schedule of posts and topics. You know, sort of like a grade school essay? Lol.

    I know what I want to post about and plan it out by the month on cute little sticky notes in my planner :) I tested it through Instagram first (taking pictures of those topics on days I would want to post) to see if I could stick to it and adjust accordingly if what I planned couldn't quite work.

    After a bit of testing and trying, I have a system I really like and plan to re-launch this year.

    So you have your overall goal. Now figure out the goal you'd like done with each outlet this year that would give you that good feeling (# of posts? Better content? Learning more? Etc) and plan out how you want to hit those goals. Then try and test. See what's actually possible and adjust the method to make the goal possible :) (for example, can't fit in 3 posts a week? Try 1 and add in a 2nd as a bonus whenever you have the extra time)

    I know that's a lengthy comment but you feel like my friend so I wanted to give you the advice id give to my friends :) <3

    I'm sure it'll be another great year with you and your content regardless! I hope you get better soon, hang in there :) the worst of it it's over and you'll be back to it in no time! :)

    1. This is great advice. I started doing very similar things and it has helped me a lot.

  23. I would suggest letting your back heal first! But for the future, do one thing a day for the week. I would do one glittergossip, 2 blogs and one all that glitters, and then have an extra day (just in case ;)) plus the weekend.

  24. We bought a Tempur-Pedic in May and I LOVE IT! Seriously, the best mattress ever and worth every penny.

    Glad to see you are starting to feel well enough to do more of the things you love. Take it easy though and don't push yourself too hard!

  25. Happy things seem to be looking up for you Elle, I must say that I also lack consistancy with my blog, which is unclear because when I'm writing it feels so natural. Hoping that 2015 brings you more inspiration in writing more posts on here, I'll definitely be reading.

  26. Yay! I'm glad you a blogging again. I have a feeling it will really help you both as a creative outlet and mentally.

    I have been bad at times posting between my blog and my Youtube channel. This year (well i started in December) that I would schedule out my videos and blog posts. I printed off a big calendar and in different colors put down what I wanted to post and when. For Youtube I have decided that I will post every Friday at 1 pm pst and some Tuesday's. To achieve this I have been filming a couple of videos a day to get ahead of myself. I already have the first four videos for this month filmed.

    For my blog I am a little more lax. My goal is to post once a week (besides my video posts). To help me with this I have created a couple of monthly series (book reviews and small channels/blogs that I think need more love) that I can write ahead of time.

    I guess the way to really be on schedule is to be ahead of yourself. I learned this when I did Makeup MAYhem.

    I hope this helps and that you find the balance that you are looking for.


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  28. Hi Elle,
    I am glad to read that you are starting to feel better and to actually read from you. =)

    I know you directed your question to people who blog which I am neither a blogger nor a youtuber but as with most things in life I think organizing and scheduling helps a lot with staying and top of things.

    As a reader of your blog I think it is a good idea to combine your blogs. This will give your blog more versatility and content and it is easier for the reader and you to have it all in one place.

    - 1 blogpost per week
    - 1 AllThatGlitters21 video per week (5-10 minutes)
    - 2 EllesGlitterGossip videos per month (1 Glitterature, 1 Vlog?) (10 minutes)

    That is just a frequency / schedule that I personally would suggest and like, just make a goal that you think is actually attainable for you.
    As others have suggested if you feel motivated to write or film just do it and save that content for when there is and upload scheduled.
    Planning ahead ensures that your content is rich in variety. I also feel like planning something can be very inspirational and lead to even more ideas.

    Having a somewhat strict schedule of when to update which media will help you with regularity and prevent you from accidentally concentrating too much on just one of your online outlets and ignoring the others. However blogposts are fun to read and videos are fun to watch when you are actually passionate about them. See a schedule as your guideline that aids and encourages you rather than restricts or stress you out.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and a Happy New Year!

  29. Why don't you want to commit to a schedule? A lot of bloggers do, especially if it their job. Like most jobs people don't have to luxury to take weeks off or only be productive when we feel like it. The most successful bloggers/vloggers are those who are consistent and treat it like a job. Just a thought. :)

  30. I really love reading these chatty style posts and I've definitely missed you posting on this blog. I only have the one blog and I struggle to keep up with that as much as I would like with having a full time job, so I can imagine how difficult it would be trying to manage two Youtube channels and two blogs. Now that we're into the new year I am going to try be more organised and post more often, but like you I don't want to commit to any schedule as it's supposed to be fun and I feel like I would be letting myself down if I didn't stick to it. Best of luck for the upcoming year and I'm looking forward to reading more posts on both of your blogs! x

    Rachael |

  31. I feel the same way about blogging and videos as well -- love both but there is just something so different about putting pen to paper sometimes so to speak!

    I have my two blogs that are very established in the YA book blogging world -- The Perpetual Page-Turner which is just me and then one I do with a bunch of people -- and then I wanted to start a booktube channel. I've had a REALLY hard time getting the channel up because, like you said, it's so hard to balance it all. I wish I had more hours in the day so I could give each one the attention it deserves! I hate doing something half-assed. And then...I have this idea for a new blog and I'm like OMG HOW CAN I DO IT WHEN I CANNOT EVEN BALANCE THE REST?! Not to mention keeping up with Twitter and Instagram and Facebook for my book related stuff. Oh and then...actually READING since that's a lot of my content!

    I hope you find a solution! It's hard because, like you, I don't want to give up things. I genuinely like each thing I'm doing and it's just the problem of finding the time to do it all.

    And also, I've been following your tweets about your back and I am so, so sorry that happened to you! I'm also really appalled not one worker came over to you. MAN, that grates my nerves. I think you are making the most out of a hard situation, Elle, and I admire you. I was telling my husband about your accident and I was just like I can't even begin to imagine that much bed rest. But YOU are still a shining light and I hope in those darker, hard days that you stay strong. SIGH I just want to send you a bookish care package (we share a lot of the same taste in YA (omg THE PROGRAM) and I get a lot of books from the main pubs for review and that I would totally pass on to you because there are some GREAT reads coming in 2015).

    Have you read The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski? It's a trilogy from Macmillan and book 2 is out this Spring (and is just as good as book 1!!). I think you might like it to be honest! Also, I've been loving the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. Kickass fantasy series. Okay I'll shut up now but I have so many recs for you haha

    1. Also, if you were going to streamline the two blogs maybe you could do Coffee Chats or something on the other blog for when you wanted to talk about something a little more personal or random! I do something that on my book blog and I know people like it to get to know the person behind all the book talk! :)

  32. Okay....I just wrote (& wrote & was a freakin' novel, I swear)...pressed the "preview" button to check for mistakes...and the whole thing DISAPPEARED!!!
    This is the first time responding on a blogpost and it's not going so well...
    Whine and rant over...sorry...
    Elle...I basically agreed with some in that combining your blogs wouldn't be a problem...we follow YOU...we enjoy your view on things and what you have to say. Ha! We'd even watch a video of you writing your blog, as funny as that sounds...
    Regarding the process of output...That's just simple organization skills...Come up with your topics (video/blogs) and set concrete dates for posting them...once a week, every other week, etc...But, allow yourself to be more fluid with the blogs you post...if you feel like writing then jump on there and write...
    Enough...I don't want a second novel here! Take care and I hope you're feeling better than your yesterdays...

  33. I can't tell you how happy I was to see this blog post from you pop up in my subscription box! I love reading your blogs and watching your youtube. I get what you mean about the different channels, it must be very difficult to manage, I don't think anyone blames you for neglecting the blogs after all the other things you do. Wishing you a speedy recovery Elle, hope to read some more blogs over 2015 :)

    Bea x

  34. It feels so good to be reading from you again, i had really missed you, but we all know you lead a busy life and any true and faithful viewer would know and understand that!

    It's good that you feel great about your channel in 2014, you should, 5 years after discovering your channel, it still remains my favorite one. I am a year younger, and even though our lives our very differente since I am married and almost a mom, I always felt like we are very similar people. You have matured and changed but you remained the same young lady you were five years ago, vlogging from your college or TN bedroom.

    Am I getting out of track? Sorry, i never took the stength to let you know all of that, I have been a faithful viewer and reader in the shadow for all those years. I know you are busy, don't want to take more of your time, but telling you this now feels right, and I think you need to hear it now, more than any other time in those past years.

    Now, to answer you question: i personnaly have two channels, and a blog/website + of course all other social media. This might not be the same since I have way less subbies than you, but still with 500k subscribers it gets tough to manage all that and my personnal/family life.

    What I did years ago and that before i got married is that I set a schedule. Now, it's hard to follow that to the letter especially when life gets busy. What you could do is simply set that planning in your head and not tell your viewers, that was if you need for flexiblity you can adapt and no one will hold it against you... And if you break the promise, you will break that promise to you, which will still make you bad.. But you wont get crap from others. ^^

    Another thing is to set goals, or be creative and plan events, like you go for vlogmas and mayhem but you keep those plans to you.

    Finally, just set up "dates" with your blog and channel - yes dates, like a romantic date - take 1 hour to lose yourself in the beauty of the adventure and write or film.

    I will end with this, don't be too hard on yourself, I have been following you long enough to know that you are your toughest critics! 😊

    I will stop this novel now, let you get back to your life, sorry for my -perhaps- bad spelling, i am on my cell and well lol, french is my native language.

    Much love from to do you sweet Elle!
    Cuddle to pinecone!! ❤️


  35. I kind of slipped off of youtube for a while, and I recently got back into it. Something about your story touched my heart, for multiple reasons. I personally love blogging, as, like you yourself said, I find it therapeutic and freeing. I often find myself figuring things out that I didn't even realize were in my brain until I write it out. But because of my own health battles, I fell out of the habit of writing. You have inspired me to continue writing. I do have multiple blogs that focus on different things, but I too find it hard to balance it out. I sometimes wonder if I should just combine them, or what. For now, I am keeping them separate. What I find helps me to continue a habit is to have a day off at least once a week. That break clears my head and puts me back in a writing mood, as well as reading. Oh, when I read, I just want to WRITE!!!
    Wow, sorry for the long ramble. I really hope you feel better soon. I am praying for you and your family.

  36. I totally agree balancing it all can be hard! I only have one blog (But First, Coffee) and one youtube channel - along with the social media that goes with them (and a full-time job), and I find the balance to be hard.

    I use a pretty good schedule for me, nothing set in stone, but 1-2 videos a week and 3-4 blog posts a week. I plan each week ahead in my planner and try to do all of the same things at once. So I'll take all my product shots for my blog one afternoon, film everything I need the next, do all the writing throughout a few lunch breaks, edit on the weekend, etc. That method of grouping things seems to work really well for me as opposed to doing one single post/video at a time to total completion.

    Not sure if that helps. When it comes down to it, your own real life is most important, and schedules just can't always be adhered to!

  37. Hey Elle. I hope youre feeling better! I was just wondering what you used to make your blog??


  38. I have found over time that schedules (and planners!) really are a life saver when you have way too much piled on your plate. With balancing blogging and the other commitments of life, scheduling out what days I want to post, how often I want to post on social media, and giving myself those defined metrics have really helped me stay organized and on top of it while still allowing my content the freedom to take what shape it wants. I love your videos and content Elle, and I really think combining both your blogs and filtering the posts to appear in different categories would help not only the readers have a central location to find your stuff but also make it easier on you to stay on track while still fulfilling your desire to keep content separate. I hope that helps and that you are feeling better!!!

    xx, Harleen

  39. Welcome back!!

    While I don't have multiple blogs or a YouTube channel, I work a full-time day job, teach dance a couple nights a week, have an additional part-time job, do makeup for weddings as a freelancer, and volunteer for two organizations. Time management is really important for juggling any aspects of your life, whether they are super similar, or extremely different. The one thing about managing tasks that are very similar is that you can feel like you're doing the exact same thing, over and over, even though you're technically not. What I would recommend is time-blocking. Set aside a certain amount of time that you know you can stay focused for (some people this can be hours, while others need to break down their time into 15-minute increments) and just work on one thing at a time. No distractions, no multi-tasking. Keep your brain focused on that one task, whatever it is, for your set amount of time.

    Can't wait to see more posts from you!

    Sweet Spontaneity

  40. Do what feels good for you ! If this is therapeutic then keep it up, that really shows through in your content :)

  41. Hey Elle! I actually have two youtube channels and two blogs and I'm a full time high school student so I totally get your struggle! I tend to neglect my lifestyle blog and my vlog channel more than my beauty ones, but what I have found is that I try to upload at least once a week on each thing. I probably blog a lot more than just once a week, but that's the minimum for me! It just helps me to space things out and share the love with every branch! I also think that scheduling helps a lot (especially color coding, which I know you love!) I hope that this was helpful for you!!! <3
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

  42. This blog encouraged me to start my own blog! I will be posting about healthy recipes and fitness :)
    Come check me out please!!

  43. I loved this post! I have a blog of my own, which I really enjoy writing on. In terms of scheduling, if I were you, I would post every weekend on this blog, and maybe once a week on Allthatglitters21. Also, on your beauty/fashion blog you can post alongside a video (maybe like a video, just in blog form...)

    My blog is


  44. I really appreciated and noticed how consistent and well done your Youtube videos were this year. I've always loved watching your channel, since the very beginning, but even more now appreciate how you continue to put out content that we can enjoy and trust still :) I hope you continue to recover well! Looking forward to reading more blog spots.

  45. It's a fine balance but I think scheduling is the answer. Write when you feel inspired and save some of those posts for weeks when you dont feel inspired (or have no time)- then you can publish a steady stream. I wish I could follow my own advice..... ;)

  46. i think the best way to figure out what schedule works best for you is trial and error. pick one (and you don't have to tell anyone what it is until you've finalized it) try it for a week and see if it works well for you. if you miss a day or weren't able to put out as much content as you wanted, try a different schedule. add and lower the amount of content you want to post depending on how you feel.

    personally, having a "schedule" works best for me because it makes me sit down and get everything done. knowing there are 2 set days a week I'm going to post helps me be more productive, but i also know its ok if i miss a day every now and then. everyones human. if you're not schedule person, you're just not. maybe set a number of posts/videos you want to post a month and then post them when you think they are ready to go up!

    just like i said, try something and if it doesnt work try something new. you'll find your sweet spot!