Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Planner Sticker Haul #2!

Hey guys! I just posted another #JuneBloom BONUS VIDEO on my second channel and it's another sticker haul! I know my fellow #PlannerAddicts will love it! Here are the shops and promo codes mentioned:

"IHeartYouCoffee" for 20% off your purchase, TOMORROW only, June 17, 2015. 

Karolina's Krafts:
"IHeartYouCoffee" for 10% off your order

Basil and Fluffy:

If you order from any of these shops tell them that I sent you!

Also, I'm doing a series called #JuneBloom on my main channel... if you haven't seen it you MUST check it out! You can watch it here

If you love planner videos, check out my planner playlist here for ALL of those videos! 

Ok, without further ado, let's get into this new planner video! Cheers!


  1. LOVE! I am new to your blog and LOVE it! I'm pretty much not going to get much done this morning because I HAVE to go check out your other videos! ha!

  2. I love stickers =]

  3. Hey Elle ! Have you ever heard of Emily Ley planners ? Would love to hear yout thoughts on them xx

  4. Have you seen the shop violetlebeaux on Etsy? I think you would love her stickers!

  5. What planner do you use! XD I made a DIY planner for myself but is there any way that I can get those filler pages cuz they are gorgeous! I have never really done a sticker haul - but those stickers are so cute!

    XO Kat
    A Bellezas Journey

  6. I love these videos! I would also love to see more blog posts about planning. :)

    Cierra Rose

  7. I'm so glad you're sharing these planner videos with us, Elle! I treat mine as a planner/journal/scrape book/way to get my decorator on...& just about everything else I can plan & dream about "on paper"...although, I don't always use paper...sometimes I've used dried flowers, yarns, ribbon...I get carried away!
    Ha! So thank you for introducing me to this artistic world!

  8. Omg! I'm so addicted to your sticker hauls and planner video! I recently got an affordable planner to see if I would actually keep up using it and if I do I will spring for the Erin one.