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  1. I love you Elle, I am your number one fan !!!!!

    If you replied I would be so happy !! <3

  2. how do you get your hair color like what is the name of the color i want it

  3. Here is my latest Sephora Haul Blog Post, I think you will enjoy it!!

  4. Hi Elle,
    I've been following y'all since like, the year after y'all started the YouTube thing. I think I was looking for a tutorial on how to do a smokey eye and found (and later became mildly addicted to) you and your sisters channels. Anyway, I guess all I'm trying to say is that y'all are just inspiring to me and that I wish I had half the talent and inspiration y'all do. I hope all is well. Best wishes to you and your sis!

  5. Hey Elle!

    Im looking for a really good deep conditioner or hair treatment thats inexpensive. I have dyed and damaged hair.


  6. HI Elle!I Like you so much you are so beutiful also your hair color is so nice like

  7. hey Elle! listen i know you are on the hunt for furniture and that type of stuff. i just found an online store called ''one kings lane'' and i thought you should check it out! i also was watching your makeup mayhem bdays in cabo video and we have the same birthday may 25th!

  8. Your YouTube account send me an email stating that I have won one of the giveaways and I have just filled in forms providing my home address only to discover it is some marketing scam to obtain my private information. The email was very misleading and in breach of privacy laws!

  9. Hey girl

    Can you do a video on your planner?? I want one but they seem pricey. I also love watching now people organize their planners.

  10. when are you going to update your blog? love to see more on the condo

  11. I like your blog very much, but you should write post more often. 5 in a year it's almost nothing

  12. Hi Elle! I loovee your blog and I'm so excited that you're blogging again!! I just saw your advertising thing and can't figure out where to contact you about that free package you wrote about. I have a tiny little blog about interior design and decor that I started in the summer of 2014. I don't know where to send you the banners you talked about so I hope you see this and help me figure it out. Thank you sooo much for this Elle! I love you so much, yep, more than coffee :)

  13. I love this blog, I even prefer to to videos. I especially like the home design posts. I have a cat and style blog i think you would like, it features my Persian cat: